December 18, 2011


I've been all over the place the last month.

Trying to do a few things to decorate without pulling down all the boxes.
I took one of my old bread boards and put a favorite Christmas song on it.
With a little help from AS Chateau Gray.  It's green if you ask me.  ;  )
More pics tomorrow.

Traveling for unhappy reasons.

But, I never tire of seeing the Capital in Austin.  
Lots of happy memories there.

Magoo had knee surgery this week, but is doing great.
Henry has invaded Sophie's territory.
She's not having any of it.

I've had an outbreak of shingles since before Thanksgiving.  Everything hurt.  Soft, warm comfort food.  Please.

Yeah, aren't we a pair?


A few things are up, but my usual decorating is just not going to happen this year.
And nothing will happen, right?

The boys are home and safe after a very scary week involving highway debris, ruptured gas tanks and ruined engines.
Two sons, two different towns.  Their cars in bad shape.
Our thanks to Mr. Tow Truck driver for delivering our son to a rental car facility when he was so far away from home. Thank you to the nice lady who broke the rules to get him into a car so that he could drive back home.   He didn't have his meds with him.  Missing his meds is catastrophic.  His 3 hour drive to take a friend home ended up to be a 12 hour nightmare.

Our youngest son is mourning the engine destruction of his beloved Mustang. 
Our thanks to another Mr. Tow Truck Driver for getting him off the road.
Thank you to his friends who helped him out and especially to Matt for bringing him home.
You're a good boy, Matty.

Tomorrow begins a new week!

Our boys are safe and sound ~ until those holiday parties start, anyway.
And I mean next door!  ; )

We are good.

 Sophie is the only one with any sense around here.  I'm headed to bed, too.

Shit-ty week.  Very shitty.

But, tomorrow...I'm making cookies, dammit.
I think they'll taste especially good.


  1. oh, tina! so glad everyone is safe and mending (hopefully). you've had your share and then some!

  2. It sounds like your week can only get better, just don't burn the cookies.

  3. WTF? Both boys cars? Knee surgery AND shingles...

    Eat all of the cookies and hug your boys 50 eleven times even if they don't like it...

    Drink some spirits and tell Murphy to GO AWAY!

    I hope things take a turn for the better and you get rid of those stupid shingles...sending good vibes your way...


  4. Theresa~ Thank you and we are on the mend. Your squirrel angel watches over me.
    Shannon~ No way those cookies will burn because...
    Gwenny Loo Hoo~ Murphy has been shot in the ass.
    Who's the Law now, Mr.Murphy? Be gone with you.
    All y'all can relax now. He won't be showing up.
    You're welcome. ; )

  5. Ohhh... what a week... Glad your boys are safe! EAT ALL THE COOKIES YOUR HEART DESIRES!!!!! If I lived your way, I'd come over with a bottle of wine. (Or 5...) Hope this week is better!!! Merry! Merry!....- Ann

  6. oh tina, i am so sorry for all the 'crappiniess' that has befallen you and yours....but you also made me laugh. a lot!! i hope eveything looks up from here and your holidays are BRIGHT! :))))

  7. Glad everyone is home safe. Hope you all get on the mend real soon. Now don't eat to many cookies.

  8. Hi Tina,
    Just found your blog and i love your dogs! I want one- which one will you give up? hehe
    You are hilarious and talented. I'm new to reading blogs, but I'm enjoying it. hope you have a better week and a good Xmas.


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