January 9, 2012

Da'Lainey the Horse Girl

This is Da'Lainey, otherwise known as Horse Girl.
She's my cousin Maura's daughter.
Maura, better known as Tootie around here, is the other cookie hound in the family.
We are serious about those nutmeg logs.
Tootie and Da'Lainey are also serious about their horses.

She decided at a very young age to become a business woman.
Following in her mother's footsteps, she has charted a course and has her future business already named.

This girl has dreams.  More than dreams...she has plans.

She will tell you about them, too.
Ya think she was headed for the Derby in that pink hat?

She loves her horse, Harley.

Look at that composure.
She was so focused.
Waiting for their turn to compete. 
 Both of them patient and prepared.

I was so nervous that she'd fall off.  
She didn't.
 She'd worked long and hard for this competition.
So had her Mom and Dad.  ; )

Little girl on a very big horse.

Harley is a gentle giant...a former race horse with an injury that left him unable to race.

Theirs is a very special relationship.
A horse that wears pink and zebra is much more entertaining than dressing up a Barbie.
The shoes aren't as sparkly, but having a zebra in the pasture is pretty cool.

Pony love.
They are some of my all time favorite photos.

Birthday girl and her horse.

This is a girl that's going somewhere.
I wonder where she'll take him next.

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  1. these were beautiful! what a gorgeous girl! i am so jealous - i would have loved to have that kind of exposure to horses when i was young and fearless!

  2. These are some of my favs :)

  3. She sounds like a terrific kid!

  4. Beautiful photographs and a beautiful young lady! I'm always amazed when I find young people with a clear vision for their lives. Amazed and wistful, wistful that it's taken me so long to find focus and vision. I hope to pass that on to my boys, but we all have our own journeys to travel...

  5. Adorable girls, and that blanket rocks!

    Hey, Tina, I chose you to pass this little award to. Hope that's ok!

    See details at Revisionary Life.


  6. beautiful child and horse! such a lovely post--i'll bet she's thrilled with these:)

  7. That horse is better than a barbie any old day. I mean look how much more Zebra print she gets to use.;-D
    Sweet pictures adorable little girl.

  8. What beautiful pictures, beautiful horses, and a beautiful girl! I bet her mama loves these!

  9. oh, boy, do you take beautiful pictures!! that young lady is quite the lovely subject, though, so i imagine she makes it inviting!

    as the mom of a passionate horse-loving daughter, i recognize the look in da'lainey's eyes. yep, those horse peeps are their own kind. mine would rather muck stalls than ride a bike any day!

  10. Oh my! Love this post. What a special bond little girls can make with their horses. (Hec, I am big girl still googly eyed over her horses!) What horses give is so much more than a furry pet to play with - self confidence, learning to compete, learning to care for something other than yourself, responsibility, compassion, gentleness...on and on. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Horses are just so beautiful... and your sweet little "Horse Girl" is beautiful as well! She definitely looks like a girl with a plan... I hope all of her dreams come true!

  12. what a beautiful and wonderful girl.

  13. Tina,
    it's so wonderful when they find their passion! She is beautiful, so is her "friend"! Hope all her dreams come true! I've ridden since I was 16 and my daugther started this year with the riding team at college. Will be posting about her on Thursday.


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