February 22, 2012


Those are bug guts on my windshield, he didn't run over anything.
This time.

My day was all planned out.  
My husband, better known as Mr. Magoo, was out of town on business.
I had my coffee and was planning to paint all day.
But, no.

He was ready to leave for home around lunchtime.
The phone rang and the dreaded 
"you will not believe what happened"
was spoken.

What now???
Can I not have one day without a crisis to manage?
We don't have small problems in this family- it's always big.  But not today.
All I had to do was drive the extra key to him.

He'd just lost his car key.
Just drive.
For 6 hours.

I ask you...
Did I not burn my super hero cape?
I burned that sucker, I know I did.

Who wants to bet that I'll find that key when I look thru his bags ?

Cheese and crackers....sigh.
That man needs a keeper.
Oh, yeah.  That's my job. ;)
It's a good thing he's cute.

 I followed him home.  
He stayed between the lines and everything.

Gotta love him.

aka Mrs. Magoo


  1. I cannot TELL you how many times MyHero has lost his keys over the years. It makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about it! That and he used to run out of gas all the time. The last time he ever ran out of gas he was about 5 miles out of town and called me AGAIN and I said...I can't come. I don't know how he got gas but he didn't talk to me for two days. Guess what-that was 15 years ago and he has not run out of gas once since then. Before that he ran out 3 or 4 times a year. grrrr...

    Gotta love 'em-otherwise you would smother them in their sleep- which, in THIS state is completely illegal! xo Diana

  2. OH, No Way! If mine loses his, he'll be calling the Ford place. Aint NO WAY...you are a sweet wife. He's lucky...

  3. Mr. Magoo is lucky to have you.

  4. Seems like a familiar story! ;)

  5. He's lucky to have you.

  6. You may have TRIED to burn your super hero cape, but while you weren't looking, somebody (maybe Mr. Magoo) pulled it out of the fire, stomped the flames out, and saved it for you. They knew you would be needing it, whether you liked it or not.Us women always have a cape on.

    And I am sooooo curious. Did you find his 'lost' key???
    I know my husband cannot see what is in front of his face, yet I can find anything.

  7. My husband would lose his head (any any other body parts you might like to think of) if it wasn't screwed on. He is constantly losing his keys, wallet, cell phone (insert any other loose item you can think of) and I ALWAYS find it exactly where he left it the night before. Men! Gotta love them.

  8. Too funny, poor guy! I can't believe how far you had to go!!

  9. Oh My Goodness...I can totally relate to this. Where would they be without us? I bet you found the key right away. :)

  10. You seriously drove for 6 hours because of a lost car key?! WOW! I hope your hubby rewards you BIG-TIME for that! For your hubby's sake, I hope that key was really & truly lost for good!

    {The secret to getting my hubby involved in my projects - come up with things that require lots of analysis & math! He loves challenges :-) }

  11. Following you now and hoping you can stop by and follow back. Best wishes, Linda

  12. Too funny - do you know how many times I take both sets of car keys and my hubs is trapped at home! Then he calls and insists I come home right away and I have to drop everything to bring him the other set of keys! He's really infringing on my quality alone time!!

    You really need to fill us in on how that owl scared the bejeebers out of you too!

  13. Tina,
    you will now be known as "the good wife"! Seriously, 6 hrs, that is some good deed! He's darn lucky your spare cape was home from the dry cleaners! (Ya know we super women always have a spare)! Hope you were royally rewarded!

  14. You are an amazing Mrs. Magoo!

  15. Oh Nooooo, I cannot imagine! You are a saint!


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