March 6, 2012


I found this tiny table at a local architectural salvage place I love.

It sat in the corner of the third floor landing, pitiful and all alone.

Le Grand Hotel No-Tell
Miss Charlotte and all her baby spiders.

After a quick clean up and all that Charlotte business had been taken care of,
she got a new home here with Sophie.

A couple of quick coats of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and she's feelin' fine now.
I used Duck Egg Blue and Old White, then gave it a coat of clear wax.
I added the dark wax in for some depth in the carvings.
She's pretty now.

  No Charlotte, no spider babies.

Her new job requires that she stand tall and afford a little lift to certain keeps around the house.

She's a plant stand, she's a pedestal, she's a lady.
(Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady.)
Why is that hip shakin' Tom Jones stuck in my head?
I must need food.
I always get disturbing thoughts when I'm hungry.

Charlotte: I'm versatile.
Wilbur: Does that mean full of eggs?
Charlotte: Certainly not.
Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another.

She will receive her new guests soon.
Maybe a sweet little pig?

Thanks for having me, Karen.
It's been a pleasure.
Safe travels!


  1. Love it! (And yes, I use that color frequently, too.)

  2. That turned out great! You have to be careful about Tom Jones..he will stay with you all day !

  3. Everyone loves that color or you wouldn't see it a zillion and one times, right! The great detail on the leg of that table is perfect for painting and distressing. Well done.

  4. she's a beauty. well worth taking from charlotte's realm to sophie's. (love that sweet sophie!)

  5. Those colors suit that girl perfectly~ Great job! xo Diana

  6. Love that table!!!

    Also,I received my first blog award a couple of weeks back, but may have done it all incorrectly. I passed it on to you, but never let you know. Ooops!

    Don't feel obligated to do the whole process, just wanted to let you know ;) You can read about it here-

  7. Love the colour - don't care how many times I've seen it!!

  8. Now you've got that stuck in MY head...ugh..Tom Jones? Give me Vanilla Ice anyday...

    But the table is awesome. A pig. Definitely, a pig. Snort.

  9. I love it! And the table's great too. ;) I'm a sucker for a cute dog pic.

  10. What a gorgeous makeover - I wonder if chalk paint works for crows feet...

    Dang - now I have Tom Jones stuck in my head

  11. Tina,
    your little table, minus the spiders is adorable and looks lovely all dressed up in her new color, it really doesn't matter if others are wearing the same, I'm sure she's much more stylish! Watch out for that rascal, Tom Jones, I've heard he's not the best influence on innocent "young" girls!

  12. I love this little table - even if a zillion others have used that same color it is still very unique and YOU! What a great find with all the little details on the legs. Love Sophie's sweet little face too :) Are you all healed up after your crazy dance?

  13. It is gorgeous! I am so excited to find and follow new special places. I have no doubt I will enjoy engaging and supporting this wonderful space you have created. Thank you for sharing, I am so glad to meet you. I hope you will find some time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  14. came here from your comment, though, to revisit. :)

  15. Great details on this piece! Love the color too!


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