April 12, 2012

Random pics from home

These used to sit in the outdoor kitchen.
It was so hot last year that everything came inside.
Grill out there when it's already 105 in the shade?

This is my concrete pig.  He's a huge bench.
Also too hot to sit on last summer.

My Pottery Barn letter board with the only quote that should ever be there-
My wife is always right.
You want to make a sign, girls?
There it is!

I found this key in the tiny town of Carmine, Texas.

Very random photo of an antique cabinet 
and the wooden box that my pie from
Goode Company came in.
I liked the box better than the pie.

This sign hangs outside the guest bath by the kitchen.
It makes all children giggle.
Especially the tall male versions.
It's brass and heavy.

The patio fan-I love this fan as much as cake.
Well, almost.

I know you've been thrilled with this show-
I had to post to claim my blog on BlogLovin'.
Have you joined up?
If so, what's the verdict?

Thanks for coming by,

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  1. i like the antique cabinet. :)

    no, not joined bloglovin

  2. Cute stuff! Love Mr.Pig! What bloglovin'? I need to check this out.

  3. Great pictures. Love the PB sign AND... Love the sign that makes the kids giggle. How fun is that? Nope -don't know anything about BlogLovin. Hope you have a great night! xo Diana

  4. Well, the sign made ME laugh! I think I need one of those for my bathroom door.

    I have no idea what Blog Lovin' is. I'll probably be the last to join up, if it's still going on. :@

  5. love the pb sign and that awesome fan, tina! off to find out what bloglovin is:)

  6. Now that pig has really got my interest peaked. He is way cool. What a hog. I so hope we don't suffer like we did last year in this heat.

  7. I like the key. Totally would have bought the key. Please teach me how to use my camera, eh?

  8. Tina,
    what a collection of cool stuff! Love the pig, the key and that fan is amazing! Don't have a clue about bloglovin, but I'm always last to knnow about this newfangled stuff!

  9. Very Random, and very cool. Gotta love all the TEXAS stuff! :)
    I've eaten at Goode Company. Yumm.
    Why do I suddenly feel hungry? :)

  10. It was definitely too hot last summer...hope this summer is better. Love that fan! And I love that box the pie came in. Have a great weekend.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  11. Random pictures..but loved them all. Those fans are awesome! We want to build a new home and those would be great on the porch.
    It is so hot outside by the end of June. We only sit on the patio early in the morning before hubby goes to work.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  12. That is one dang super awesome porch fan!!! And I don't do blog-lovin...not really sure what it is!

  13. Love your pictures, and your style. This may sound strange, but your pictures always have a calming feel to them.

    I like the pig bench. Heck, I liked all of it;)

  14. What a cool fan! I've never seen one like it!


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