June 19, 2012

Bruce the Goose

This is Bruce.  Sometimes called Brewsky or Broooocy.

Yes, he's a Pit Bull.

This post is my apology to the Pit puppies of the world.
I really misjudged you.
Really, really, misjudged you.

This sweet boy belongs to our youngest son.
When he told me he wanted to get a dog, I didn't think it was a great idea.
He has three room mates at school and I didn't think it was going to be good for a puppy to be left alone while he was at class, etc.
Our sons were all raised with dogs and he insisted that it was 
too hard on him to be without a furry companion.

I did not anticipate a shark mouthed killer in the family.

I was so nervous when he told us that he had adopted a rescue puppy-
I'm all for rescue dogs...but a pit bull?
There are depicted in such a dangerous way.
Crazy, rabid, killers.
I was scared.
Had the poor thing been abused or used in fights?
All kinds of horrible thoughts ran thru my mind.
Mostly of our baby boy being savagely murdered  by a crazed dog.

But then I met the little guy and I totally fell in love.
He's as sweet and funny and lovable as they come.
There is so much love between Brooocy and our son.
They are crazy about each other and it shows.
He had a sleepover last weekend when Casey came home 
for Father's Day.

He thinks he's a lap dog and he feels like velvet.
I wanted to change his name to Velvet Elvis, but his dad said no.
Casey has no explanation for the name he chose
for this big bowl of sugar.
He said he just looked like a Bruce.
At least it rhymes with goose, 'cuz he's allllll Goose.

I'm so proud of our son for taking on the responsibility
and for being such a good dad to Bruce.
Because he's being raised to mind his manners,
the only mauling I think we'll get is
from that big slobbery kisser.
He got me a few times from chin to forehead.
Sophie didn't care too much for his show of affection at first,
but I think she's softening up.
Bruce laid down next to her and put his head on her back.
Like a pillow.
Awww, puppy love.

Lesson learned, sweet boys.


  1. he's adorable. goofy, sloppy, friendly, but can look absolutely handsome, too. :)

  2. What a cutie! I'll bet he makes a wonderful pet!

  3. They have always scared me,too, Tina. I am glad that yours is such a sweet boy....and what the heck is wrong with his DAD? I think Velvet Elvis is VERY fitting! xo Diana

  4. Now was that pit bull smelling the flowers or did my eyes deceive me? He really does look like a sweet heart, and loves the camera or is it the camera loves him. Great pics.

  5. Tina,
    I'm with you, always thought they were kind of scary. Shouldn't have, we had a rottweiler named Simon and he was the best, most loving dog ever! We had a large lop eared rabbit, Benjamin at the time and he totally bossed that dog around! Bruce is adorable, such a sweet face! He's a lucky boy to be adopted into such a loving home!

  6. A beautiful dog -- we have two German Shepherds and although they might look intimidating, they are as sweet as can be. :)

  7. Yes - you hear so many stories about pit bulls that it scares you! But Bruce looks like a happy guy, and I've never seen such a big smile! Those shark mouths make for pretty big smiles, too. :)

  8. Had a terrible experience with a pit bull years ago and have always been afraid of them since. But I know that I'm just stereotyping the breed. Your Bruce looks lovely.

  9. Any dog that likes flowers can't be all bad!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  10. He's so handsome! I'm so happy for your son. :)

  11. He's sweet and photogenic, too!

  12. I think he is adorable! My daughter brought home a golden retrievor 5 years ago and I felt the same, but now, he is absolutely apoiled rotten.
    They become a member of the family.

  13. I'm a dog lover to the death but have always been Leary of pits. Admittedly, Bruce is adorable and so photogenic! Your photos are fabulous. I still think I'll enjoy the breed through your eyes only. So keep sharing thse wonderful pics.

  14. Great photos Tina- he has the face of a little kid! A sweet little child! I am afraid of all dogs really, so I have given them all a 'bad rap' lol!
    But he looks like a keeper.

  15. My kids (2 sets) raise American Bulldogs...and they are beyond precious! Nice to have you as a follower...I'm one too! Happy 4th

  16. Such a handsome dog. I have 3 dogs, one is part pit. I was nervous too about rescuing a pit bull, but she is the sweetest dog. So happy Bruce has a good home!

  17. You know how it is with everything in life...... on bad apple spoils the whole bunch baby.



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