July 23, 2012

The Horse Girl Returns

 These photos are from January when Da'Lainey,
 her mom Maura and her Granna Shae 
went on an adventure to Snyder, Texas to be photographed by 
The Modern Prairie Girl herself, Lara Blair.
Go see for yourself- Lara is a sweet and very talented lady.
She's got a huge heart and they all loved her instantly.
Lara will be having an exhibit of her Horse Girl photographs in October
and then a book will follow.
I can't wait to see it.

These photos are by my Aunt Sharon,
who goes by the name Shae.
But not to me- she will forever and always be my Aunt Wawan.
I couldn't say Sharon, Wawan was all I could muster.
Hey, I was a baby.  Cut me some slack, yo.
The photos have been edited by me.

It must have been wonderful to capture these beautiful shots of 
her daughter and grand daughter.

 I love these photos so much.
They really capture the spirit of  who they are.

Maura, Lara and Da'Lainey

 All modern prairie girls...

horse girls...

and brave girls.

I love you too many times!


  1. so cute! what a great topic for a photo book!

  2. Lovely photos Tina. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Tina- What GREAT pictures. Wow! They make me smile just looking at them. Hope you are having a great day! xo Diana

  4. These are gorgeous photos! WOW!

  5. Beautiful photos of the girls and their horses. And let's not forget that rusty old truck!

  6. These photographs are beautiful Tina! First of all, I am a big fan of the whole western/cowboy aesthetic. I love horses, cowboy hats, boots, old pickup trucks. The shot from inside the pickup is stellar. Such great composition. Such beautiful girls...and that coat! Woah, I want that coat. lol Thanks for posting these. Very cool.

  7. Snyder is gettin' closer to my neck of the woods - er, tumbleweeds. :) Love the photos of the pretty gals, Tina.

  8. I kinda want a horse now so I could look that cute & happy! Great pics!

  9. Tina! Awesome! Snyder? Spearman!

  10. Wonderful pic's. I particularly like the ones with the old truck.


  11. Hi, loved these photos. I've enjoyed my visit very much, thank you. Have a great day!

  12. Giving you some slack, YO.

    Thanks for making me laugh.

    LOVE the photos, they are so beautiful! Which amazing editing software do you use? I love the soft feel of everything.

    Beautiful girls and photos!

    ..and I love Wawan! I'm sure I couldn't pronounce many things as a child, but what stands out is my younger sister. She couldn't pronounce the letter "S" and we had a dog named Scrapper next door. She called him..you guessed it.."Crapper". It was very cute!

    Have a great Tuesday!


    The Other Tina

  13. so cute! have a great week!

  14. Such gorgeous girls. Their pictures turned out really nice!

  15. Oh that picture looking out the truck window priceless. Just gorgeous.

  16. I love the pictures...gorgeous! And thank you so much for checking out my blog--I always love returning the favor!

  17. That picture through the window was just spectacular. What a beautiful gift to have those memories of people you love in such a sweet setting.

  18. Gorgeous photos - great editing!



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