January 28, 2013

*NEW* Tongue In Cheek Tuesday

Welcome to TICT...ticked?

Tongue In Cheek Tuesday!

For example~
A family goes out to dinner with their grandma at a restaurant called Dick's... 

Grandma: I love Dick's, they're so delicious. I think I need seconds.

Kid (tongue in cheek): Hey grandma, why do you like Dick's so much? 

Grandma: Oh, well I'm not sure... they just make my mouth happy!

Source: Urban Dictionary

Cheeky. Wink Wink.

Thanks to the other TICT bloggers who get my humor 
and don't just think I might need more medication.
I have fooled you all.
High fives all around.

My thought for today is this~
So many times I am asked what kind of blog I have.
Well, that's a conundrum.

I haven't been able to commit to a particular category in blog land.

I can squeeze into Home Decor, Photography, DIY, Animal Lover, Crafting, Vintage, Embroidery, etc.
I am interested in so many things and I like it that way.

Some days I feel like a nut, some days I don't.
Are you feeling me here?
I simply don't fit into these categories.
And that's okay.

I've come up with a plan.

I started thinking of words like HodPodge, MishMash, Mixture and Mess.
Assortment and Medley and Salmagundi.
Uh huh, how do you like that one?

Looking at synonyms I noticed words like Pastiche and Melange.
Fancy restaurant names...those work.
Then I see these...
Deranged, Disordered, Clutter, Chaos and Salad.
Now we're talking.
Tossed salad and scrambled eggs?

There are clearly millions of us out here.

What say you?
The Year of the Deranged and Disordered.

Yeah, Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs sounds much better.

Go on and visit the other cheeky ladies~

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Bliss says this event may occur once a month or never again.
She also says that you can contact one of us if you'd like to join in next month.
Or never.

So that's it.  We're TICT.



    The schmagundi (?? Is that right? You know my memory is bad and now that I'm commenting, i can't see the post!)is a word I've never heard uttered by another soul.

    I thank you for this.

    Sounds hilariously fun and inappropriate! Win win if you ask me!

    I'd say my blog is just an amalgamation. Brad always makes fun of me when I use that word and tries to use terms associated with stained glass AT me.

    God, I loved the show Frasier! Love! Thanks for the nod.

    I'm off to visit your pals. You had me at Corn in Coffee Pot. How unusual and possibly satisfying!



  2. Great post Tina LOL
    Isn't it nice when LIKE meets LIKE ?

  3. You are so funny! The Year of the Deranged and Disordered! I love it..it's definitely going to be my year!! Thanks for joining in....and for making me laugh so hard I spit out my coffee this morning!

  4. It's very rare that I literally LOL. You made me LOL! I like to LOL! Thanks for making me LOL!
    BTW,I sooo get your humor. Glad we found each other. Thanks for stopping by the bungalow!

  5. Was my moms picture next to that urban dictionary definition? I'm quite sure it should be if it's not.

    So happy your TICT.


  6. lol
    I'm hear via Suzan at Simply Vintageous, and I hope this lasts for more than one time! I can't wait to visit the rest of the contributors, so far I'm having a blast reading these posts!
    Debbie :)
    PS - gotta follow you now

  7. your fun posts always make my day!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. This is HILARIOUS! Glad I'm not the only deranged one out there!

  9. I'm not sure if I'm the right fit in the Year of the Deranged and Disordered club, but I definitely am disordered,tossed and scrambled!!! Can I still be a member?
    (~; Pendra ;~)

  10. Ticked! lol! Grandma at Dicks! LOL!!! This post is fantastic.

  11. What kind of blog do you have? Hmmmm......I know for me, you are my go to warm & cozy, sassy & silly blog.

    Yup, that is what you are to me. :)

  12. Love this series, I'm going from blog to blog reading Tongue-In-Cheek

  13. Love all the tongue in cheek posts I've read. you girls have got it going on!

  14. I've tot your back on this one. I have blogtention deficit disorder.


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