January 31, 2013

The Lemon Life

Life gave me lemons...just look at them.
Aren't they wonderful?

 Even though they appear to be oranges,
the Meyer lemon is a special treat during the cold months of winter.

It's so cheerful in the house.

I love the smell of the blossoms.

 The lemons are ready to pick.

You may remember that Bruce enjoys eating citrus trees,
so we'll keep our fingers crossed that this one survives.

I have recipes planned for these beauties...
and some hot lemonade to sip by the fire.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. my, they look wonderful and healthy!

    i'm sipping my nightly hot green tea w/ two lemons squeezed into it. unfortunately, i pay $3.99 for a bag of about 6 or 7 lemons... i need a lemon tree... or an orchard...

  2. Color me envious!

    I love fruit trees. I love things that are alive, especially at this time of the year here.

    Is this from outside and you moved it in for the winter or did you recently buy this?

    I need one.

    Okay, maybe "want" is the operative word here.

    I'll go and have a glass of country time here as a lame second...



  3. What I would do for a fresh, blooming lemon tree in my house. Reason 429 to move South....

  4. What a cheery addition...

  5. I miss living in Florida and having my own fruit trees. How wonderful that you have them INSIDE!!! xo Diana

  6. Your tree is just beautiful! I so wish I could have a lemon tree but my house just doesn't get enough direct sunlight. Enjoy:@)

  7. Lucky you to have those fresh lemons growing right inside your house! What a pretty sight with the fire burning in the background.

  8. Jealous doesn't even cut it as a word to describe how I feel. I had a tree 4 years ago I received on Mothers Day. It lasted with me 3 years before I left the precious little doll outside a few days too long in the cold. It never recovered.


  9. What a lovely idea having a lemon tree in your house. Life is a wonderful place with lemons to grab whenever you want them. Thanks for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  10. now I am impressed!!! They look delicious and I would imagine smell divine too! I might just eat it off the tree!

  11. Oh, I love it! I have one that I tend carefully but I think yours looks really nice! Mine gets very "sticklike" in the winter! What's your secret? I do get lemons each year but only one or two....spill girl and tell me what to do!

  12. So Lovely! I've tried to grow one before as i especially like making Limoncello but my my tree/stick didn't work out :( Yours looks amazing- Where did you find yours?

  13. These look scrumptious, and so pretty! : )

    Happy weekend! Katie

  14. How fun to have a tree in the house. The lemon blossoms have a wonderful scent. Hope it makes it!

  15. We go through lemons like crazy and cannot get a darn tree to grow here! At our old house we had a tree and could not use up the lemons quick enough and here we don't have a single one. Your photos are beautiful. I love decorating with bowls of lemons all over - little bits of sunshine!


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