February 19, 2013

Dear Howard...

I love my painted wood, but some things just need to remain untouched.
(For now, anyway.) 
I'm lucky to have custom cabinets, but with a large puppy in the kitchen, things can get pretty scratched up.
He's doing much better now...or maybe he's just so big that his nails hit the granite instead of the wood!
This hurt to watch.
Luckily, I have a solution.

Years ago, a friend of mine who was refinishing an antique sewing machine case told me about
 Howard Restor-A-Finish.
It's used by antiques dealers and furniture makers.
 I have been using it on these cabinets since we moved in twelve years ago.

Oh, my.

Excuse me, but I'm positive that I was having a nap when that happened!
I do admit that I like to see what's on the counter.  I can usually find a ball or one of my bones up there.
I like to stretch my back at the end of the kitchen island, too.  
I may have done a bit of damage.
Thank goodness for those Howard people.
Mom put on gloves and then used an old sock to apply it...just rub it on, wait a bit and then wipe.
Good as new!
Mom likes the distressed look.
I guess that's lucky for me.

Thank you, Howard...
And if any of you would like help distressing your furniture or cabinetry, give me a call!

Best regards,

***This is my own opinion based solely on my personal use of this product.  
I was not compensated in any way.
If you buy this product and then drink it, you're just a stupid ass.
I'm not responsible for that!
Use as directed.
Open your windows and use only in a well ventilated area.***

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I used this years ago and kind of forgot about it. Thanks for the memory jogger. The doors look GREAT! What a face there- gotta love it! xo Diana

  2. loved the product disclaimer! :)

  3. So thankful for so many wonderful products that help us keep things restored.....

    My husband used those pens that are made for scratch cover and he swears by them; buys them by the handful.....

  4. Aren't we thankful for all those products that help us keep things looking better....

    My husband uses those pens made for scratches and he loves them...Buys them by the handful.....

  5. Please give Bruce a hug for me! He is such a handsome boy. He just knows you like the distressed look and tries his best to help. :)


  6. Please give Bruce a hug for me! He is such a handsome boy. He just knows you like the distressed look and tries his best to help. :)


  7. What a difference it made! And I love the photos of your dog--so sweet! :-)

  8. good tip! never knew!

    please have Bruce call me regarding some home improvement projects...and how is he with engraving?!



  9. Great tip, Tina. Thanks.

  10. Oh wow! I have never heard of that...but it looks like it works wonders! I'm going to see where I can find it! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Bruce is quite the spokesman. A charmer for sure.

  12. I could use some of that myself...will def check it out. Thanks

  13. I agree - Bruce could advertise for Howard's! You should hit them up. :)
    He looks cozy on that pretty soft blue throw...What lovely cabinetry!

  14. That finish looks great! Bet that was painful to see after your dog "might have accidentally " done a little damage. Think that i need to get some of that restor-a- finish

  15. Thanks for a chuckle, Tina! I think you've found a career path for Bruce. Has he been traveling through Minnesota recently? I'm working on a vanity that looks like it's been distressed by a whole pack o'dogs.

    That stuff is amazing!

  16. Well that's the best disclaimer I've ever heard!!! And thank God you mentionned it because I just might have taken a swig!

  17. Great results!

    I had the exact same thing - except it was my dining table that was scratched. I picked up a different brand of restorer from the hardware and it worked a treat.

    Great to be able to fix something that you think is ruined.

  18. Your last comment cracked me up. :)
    Have you seen the thing on pinterest saying you can use a walnut to rub on furniture scratches?? Or something like that. I probably have it wrong. Seems like your Howard stuff may work better, as long as I don't drink it. ;)

  19. Howards has saved more lives than the Red Cross! I love that stuff!

  20. I use Howard's and love it! There is also a beeswax finish that smells like oranges I often use on the inside of drawers in old furniture. I makes them look refreshed and smells nice when the drawers are opened.

  21. OMG!! You are awesome! I was going through my followers list and click on your blog. So, now I'm a new follower and can't wait to go back and read what I've missed. :) We are moving to the South soon and I'm thinkin' I'm gonna fit in just fine.


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