March 19, 2013

March Giveaway Time

This giveaway is a quickie!
An embroidered bunny and Easter egg set.
I have embroidered mine in chocolate brown, but you may choose your custom color.
You may also request two bunnies, two eggs or one of each as I have shown.
These are so cute laid out on a tray or framed...I know you guys will get creative with them.
They are white cotton cocktail napkins measuring approx. 7X7 inches.

I will end the giveaway Thursday at noon, so I can make them and mail them that evening.
Bunny needs a home.

Leave a comment with your color selection and your choice preferences please,
and send me a photo of yourself jumping thru a hot pink hula hoop.
With bunny ears on.

Only joking.
There are of few of you out there that may already be doing the hula hoop in bunny ears.
I'm pretty sure I know who you are.
 I might be tempted to send you extra loot.
Just for amusing me.
I need amusing!

You might consider joining 
The Nothing Will Happen Club.
You can use my spiffy button, too.
It's over there or up there- it's somewhere on my blog.

It announces to the world that you can stay in your pj's all day and have cake.
Nothing will happen.
Really, it's true.
I hope you'll read about it and the inspiration for it, too.
(Top of the blog)
You'll like it and I think you'll really relate to it.
I'd love to have you all over for a big pool party and some munchies and drinks that we made from Pinterest, 
but we are many miles apart, my bloggy buds.
Ahem, just drink the koolaid peeps.
 Good luck!


  1. you amuse me. :) don't enter me in the giveaway - i'd rather they go to someone who will really use them to decorate! i don't decorate - heck, i don't even dust!

  2. I was just about to run out to spray paint the hula hoop pink when I continued reading instead. So no hula hoop. I have not been inside one for many years, so I'd probably just be depressed there wasn't as much space for my hula.


  3. me,me, pick me!!! waving hand wildly in the air. giggle. xo P.S. have you entered my giveaway yet?

  4. I don't think my hula would fit inside a hoop anymore...but please enter me anyway and honey, I drank the kool-aid a long time ago! In case you can't tell I'm already a member of The Nothing Will Happen Club... and it's true nothing EVER happens here! Thanks for the chance to win some adorable goodies, one of each in tan, please!

  5. I don't think my hula will fit in a hoop anymore... but please enter me anyway, and honey I drank the kool-aid years ago. I am a member of the Nothing Will Happen Club... and it's true...nothing EVER happens here! Thanks for the chance to win some adorable goodies...I'll take one of each in tan please!!!!!!!

  6. I think I like both in tan. I've probably been drinking too much koolaid and no one told me you were supposed to get out of your jammies and do things :)

  7. I love the jammies all day thing, but they just killed Jeans Friday at work... don't think it's gonna fly:@) Your napkins are beautiful and I've decided to roll the dice and let you decide on a fun Easter color for me should I win!

  8. Oh you just said hot pink because you know that my hula hoop is green! Darn it! Those are absolutely adorable! I'd love a pair of chocolate brown bunnies! (who wouldn't?) I'm already a member of the Nothing Will Happen Club...proudly wear a button on my blog sidebar to prove it too! I like reminds me everyday that I can stay in my pj's and browse blogs as long as I want and I do...and guess what??? so far, Nothing has Happened!! Seriously cute napkins for sure!

  9. I have Lynn (Pig in Mud) to thank for sending me to your blog. It's been a while, but I still recall the day I stayed in my jammies all day and watched movies. I would love to do that again soon! The napkins are absolutely gorgeous, and I would love them in lime green or black if I won! xo Debbie

  10. Oh, those are so pretty! I would love to win one of each in purple! :-)

    I was getting all disappointed there for a minute, because I don't have a hula hoop and I lost my rabbit ears . . .

  11. What a great giveaway. I'm here but don't sign me up---I won more than my share already in giveaways...but SOMEBODY is gonna get really lucky! xo Diana

  12. You are a lot of fun - AND Talented. I'm glad i logged on before gettin' some shut eye - you brightened up my evening. Thanks! -g-

  13. Oh you make me laugh I am picturing the winner jumping through that hoop that would be amusing. Don't enter me either I am with Tex but you do beautiful work.
    There is a stay in your pajamas all day club why am I just hearing about this:) B

  14. Love the napkins...glad the hula hoop idea was the club......are there regular meetings? Do I have to pay dues? bring snacks? If all that is a "no" then count me in.....

  15. wish I had your talent!

  16. cuteness galore! did you say pool party?

  17. such a cute post, tina:) the napkins are simply adorable! i'd love a couple fat free chocolate bunnies! thanks for the chance:)

  18. Tina,
    I'm so jealous, you do such beautiful work, and you hula hoop too? Sorry I can't join you in that "sport", but my rabbit took his ears and ran off with my hula hoop! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway two bunnies in chocolate brown would be lovely!

  19. LOVE THESE! And I want you to pick if I win so I can be surprised!! Now where did I put that hula hoop?

  20. These are so pretty. My favorite is the bunny and in the color you show here. My hoola hoop is red, white and blue, but I've got the bunny ears...if I can wrangle them off the pug. Is red, white and blue acceptable, or do I need to wait for the July 4th giveaway? ;)


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