March 25, 2013

Playing House~Downton Abbey

I love being able to embroider anything I like. 
Today's post is about doing something silly and fun and just for your own enjoyment.
I am playing house today- 
Downton style.

This teacup is one of my keeps.
It generally resides under a glass cloche, lest it's sensitive nature be disturbed.

Bruce is playing the role of Isis.
He's enjoying his morning lounge by the pool.
He's collected a rock for me today, as you can see in the photos.

Why is there a rock by the precious teacup?
To fling at Thomas or O'Brien, of course.
Or maybe Edith.
I think they all deserve one right between the eyes.
Like Anna, I'm no lady.

Vintage linens frequently have distressed areas.
I love to imagine who they might have belonged to.

They are so soft and appealing with their worn and fraying edges.

A photo of my homemade chalk paint project- I still love it.
Spring time is here so I'll be changing out my shelves
The lavender is already in place..
I'm thinking this little memento will join in.
And maybe a few more.
(wink wink)

My hubby has morphed into Mr. Carson, which I thoroughly enjoy.
"Your coffee, my Lady", sounds perfectly wonderful to me in the early morn.
Oh, what a life they led.

Only nine months to go until we see Downton again.
Or is it?

Thanks for coming by!


  1. I enjoyed the story your photos told. I think you would fit right in to the Downton lifestyle! :-)

    That teacup is gorgeous. I love the handle.

  2. Don't you think it's a little ridiculous how long we have to wait from one season to the next - It should be on every Sunday for the next 5 years - with 3 or 4 weeks off for vacation like the rest of the world LOL
    That's some pretty embroidering oh all talented one!

  3. Oh- I like the way you play house- Don't you LOVE Downton Abby? xo Diana

  4. I don't want to make you jealous- but I have yet to see a full episode of Downton! Yes, I can now watch many seasons in... One sitting if I don't bathe or urinate?


    I did ask Brad if he'll watch with me. Does Magoo like it?

    I collect rocks so I totally "get" what Bruce was trying to do for you there! Smart dog!

    I'm in love with your chalk painted furniture! I've got to get some.

    Waiting to hear about the sweet Cape Cod rental in St. Paul- fingers crossed!!

    Cake for all-


  5. Pretty pics and your napkin is beautiful! When you get a minute would you please send me an e-mail, I have a question about your embroidery.

  6. girl you are fun with elegance!

  7. I'm a big fan of Downton Abbey! I love your teacup and your embroidery...and your husband bringing your morning coffee....lovely! If only they'd get season 2 on Netflix...

  8. Playing house Downton style sounds like the way to go to me! Those are very pretty little linens. Bruce should wear one under his chin while he eats his proper Downton doggy dinner :)

  9. I watched Downton last fall on the internet. My daughter found the connection, so I plan to hopefully do it again this fall. I am way too impatient to wait. :)

    Love you vintage linens.

  10. Bruce has sure worked his way into your heart hasn't he?


  11. This is lovely. What beautiful linens and I can only dream more... I never got into the series, I know, I know. I figured one weekend I'll watch the whole thing . I figured I wouldn't start it if I couldn't keep it up.
    Bruce and the pooches are darling... Hope the little squirrel is doing well!
    xo Nancy

  12. Love this post! We all need to play house that way sometimes.
    Mary Alice

  13. I love the rock juxtaposed with the fragility of the eggs, the china and linens.

  14. I need to get the series and watch from the start. I see the ads and it looks so good but I just didn't get into it when it started!
    Penny x

  15. How lovely! Kirby will be banging on your door any minute!

  16. I think this is such a cute post and explains exactly why so many of us are drawn to old things like you have featured here. Lovely!

  17. I love the pic of Bruce! He is the star of this post!
    So happy little skirl girl is with her mommy.:)

  18. I have to admit, I've never watched Downton Abbey, never even heard of it till this year. I don't get out much...
    Love the linens! And all of the vignette.
    Debbie :)

  19. Oh I so want to watch Downtown Abby. I haven't started it yet because I know I'll be watching it 24/7 but I can't! LOL Thanks for linking up to our party, Give Me The Goods Monday!
    Jamie @

  20. I love love Downton, you captured it wonderfully!

  21. What fun you have. We should all take a lesson from you and stop to play and enjoy our treasures. You are lucky to have such a wonderful companion to join you.
    Reuzeit Emporium Blog
    Reuzeit Emporium

  22. Lovely photos! Love me some linen and ironstone, that's for sure! And I also love imagining all the hands that have touched the vintage things I love!!
    Have a delightful Friday!
    And thank you for linking up to Blissful Whites Wednesday!

  23. Yes, If I had a machine to embroider with I would for sure be making some cute little Crawley linens.

  24. I want to get out my dishes and play 'Downton' also!!! Fun post!


  25. Oh my! I had so much fun reading this post! I read it aloud to my hubby....we're both BIG fans and have been watching the DVDs AGAIN! lol Love Bruce...tell him he did a great job in his role!


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