April 19, 2013

Mine Mine Mine

My husband is a pillow thief.
This is how I have a little fun with him.
You should have seen his confusion last night.

This is the apron I did for Marianne, my last giveaway winner.
Her husband, Joe...stole it.
I guess he loves a good beer wench.

 Taken from my office window-
Buford T. Justice 
taking a break from slamming himself into my window.

My youngest with Henry.  Just because they're so cute.

In my Easter post, 
a fellow blogger (who shall not be named)
 said that my rabbit was scary.
This is what she got.
You never know when he might show up again, girlfriend.

There you go!
Random Five Friday,
over and out.
Have a great weekend!


  1. i don't understand the scary rabbit??! i think he/she is cute. ( :

    totally get the husband & the pillows. we have 3 each. i only sleep with one but love the option to pick which one. my hubby love to steal the covers. i have to bring my own. or we will play tug of war all night long. it is nuts!! ha. ha!!

  2. I had to buy four of the exact same pillows, so we wouldn't fight over them. (We rotate sides of the bed--his former football palyer self makes horrible divots.)

  3. I think you may have hit on something with the "Mine" tag. I need several. :)

    We have a Buford over here that was doing the window thing for awhile -- he found a mate, so I'm hopoing it's over. Very frustrating!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week. Love your facts.

  4. what a pleasure you are random girl

  5. What is the deal with the birds? Yesterday I had 4 finches fly into my window and not one of them survived. I too have a blog friend who is afraid of rabbits. Funny!

  6. My husband isn't a pillow thief, but he has this habit of stretching his arm out on my pillow and he grazes the top of my head with his hand. Freaks me out because it feels like there's a mouse running across my pillow!

    I love the colors of your flower pot.

    And Henry...I just love corgis.

  7. My husband has a pillow fetish...he has FIVE pillows! Every time I ask him if I can take a couple away he says "NO" and NOT very kindly either....weirdo..


    you goof ball!!!

  9. Oh I love your rabbit:) That made me laugh out loud.
    You have a cute doggie and son I would take their photo too.
    That is a beautiful apron. B

  10. Love the shot of Buford-Great colors! Happy Weekend:@)

  11. LOL- LOVE the scary rabbit...not nearly as cute as your "boy with dog" photo though. What a fun post.

    I love your MINE pillows and that apron is great! xo Diana

  12. Henry is adorable - my oldest son wants a Corgie SO bad!!!
    Have a great week!

  13. I want the apron! So, so cute ~ :) I love the pillow cases too. I agree that the rabbit is a bit freaky but the dog and your son look adorable.


  14. I love those "Mine" pillowcases!!

  15. That is one stinking cute dog! Boy's pretty cute too.

  16. I had to laugh at your scary rabbit! I think he has a sweet face. :-)

    The photo of your son and dog is so cute! I love the expressions on both faces.

  17. Love the pillows and your son is such a cutie. xo Laura

  18. Really cute photos. Love the tired little cardinal.

  19. Oh, brother! Was that me? Did I call him scary? I don't think I did, but you never know what is going to come out of my mouth...and my memory is for @#$%.

    Anyway, hoping it wasn't and loving those pillows and what a cutie pie is Henry...and that other one, too... Super cutie!


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