April 5, 2013

Random Five Friday

 Random post, random bad photos, random thoughts.
(You, too, can post in 5 minutes!)


 Lee Majors as Heath Barkley.
The next love of my life after Donny Osmond.
Third grade had me rushing home to watch Big Valley every day.
Oh yeah, I moved on to a real man.


 Special keeps are my treasures.
How many of you had to get a grape soda pin after seeing the movie Up?
One of the greatest love stories ever.


I was sitting out on a hotel balcony on Coronado when this earthquake hit.
I'll admit to being scared sh*tless.
I am no fan of earthquakes.
I'd seen the movie 2012, in 2009 and I didn't want any part of that in 2010, even if it was a prequel
to the big shabang in 2012.
I imagined the Coronado Bridge collapsing at any moment 
and the entire state of California ripping open to swallow us up.
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!


This is a pillow I made for a sweet friend going away to college.
I rarely make things for myself.
Will be working on that this year.


My Knobstopper collection.
I don't actually use them on wine bottles.
With my aversion to the color red, that is so not happening to my corks.
There is no white wine in the house.
Because twenty years ago, a friend and I went to a step class and then worked out.
Our husbands were at the driving range, so we went over and sat outside with them.
We shared a bottle of white wine.  After an intense workout.  
Dehydrated=Thirsty=Stupid=Urping All Night
I haven't wanted to see, smell or taste white wine since that day.
And I won't ever.

Random enough, Nancy?
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Happy Friday!
Hope you have a warm weekend.


  1. My sister and I had the worst crush on "Heath" and we rushed to watch him too!

  2. you are so funny...hate to tell you but Donnie loved me! And you really should give wine another whirl...it's changed in 20 years

  3. Oh, I'm a fan of a nice cabernet.
    Just not the stains. Magoo doesn't look very cute with purple-ly teeth!

  4. I loved the brothers on The Big Valley. I had alternating crushes on Nick, Heath and Jarod. Now you have me humming the theme song . . .

    Enjoyed your wine story! :-)

  5. Not a Big Valley fan, but my sister was. And I am sorry about white wine. The same thing happened to me with apple jack from NJ. Which should have been a lesson to me--wince when is NJ famous for moonshine?

  6. i don't like white wine. never have.

    i like your wine stoppers, though.

  7. White, Red, it is all good!

  8. I like red wine, purple wine, pink wine, white wine, I am not prejudiced.....
    WHY don't we make things for ourselves? I am working on some vintage style French linen table runners....do I have any? NO. We need to all decide that ONE weekend we will make something for ourselves....and PROMISE not to give it to the first person who admires it OR try and sell it! I think women are just like that.....without us, the world would be a sad place.....

  9. I lived through the San Fernando Valley earthquake of 1971. We got out of school for a week once the danger of the dam collapsing was over we had to go back.


  10. You are tooooo cute and thanks for the memories! I rushed home to "Dark Shadow"... my Mom got me into it! And my drink is Blackberry vodka, trying to impress a boy... yeah, I "impressed" myself all over his car!

  11. Those were such innocent days and we were all so silly, happy and carefree! Gotta love it! If you are still shying away from wine-try Prosecco it's so refreshing and perfect for a Summer evening!

    Great to meet you!!
    Have a fabulous Weekend!!!

  12. i dislike earthquakes too. yucky. have a great weekend. ( :

  13. Those wine stoppers are fabulous! I don't drink wine -- but would love to collect those.

    Yes, very random-y Tina!

    Thank you for sharing at R5F this week dear. xo

  14. Love your door knob collection and what kind of friend lets you drink wine in that condition??!!! Hope you're able to give it a try again someday, in the meantime, I'm holding up your end of the wine drinking for you!

  15. Ah, the days of real men. I miss them. Your knob collection is stunning. Love the variety!


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