May 1, 2013

The Details

I promised the details from my previous post last Sunday,
but you know that tomorrow means whenever, right?
Whew, good...what a relief.
Today is tomorrow!

One of my very favorite pieces of art is this drawing of pecans.
It was a gift from my father.
He's given me a very special collection over the years.
Each one drawn with his hands. 
 Each one very personal and very cherished.

My mom and I made the pillows...we've made soooo many pillows.
I fell in love with this crewel stitch fabric years ago- these pillows move all over the house.
Out of Bruce's reach.

This table moves around a lot, too.
It was stained originally, but I painted over it with a few colors of
  ASCP in Duck Egg, Old White and Old Ochre.
The stain was a dark teal, which looks great peaking out from underneath the paint.
I love the look of the wood, stain and paint.

In the above photo, it has the leaf extension.
In the photo below, I used it for the Christmas tree without the extension.

 I really, really love this table.

The lovely rug that belongs in this room is outside getting some fresh air
after a winter inside with these guys.
I made the slipcover for the animal print bench,
but it's got dog hair all over it so you aren't getting a close up today.
(Like it will ever be free of dog hair! )

You can see my dad's drawing in a chunky wood frame
being lit by my favorite lamp. 
The photo below is a close up of the lampshade.
It's gorgeous in person, but hard to see in a photo.

The chandy shades are turquoise inside.
The original were cream linen, which I will bring back after they have been cleaned.
Or dyed.
For winter, I like the brown and I love looking up at the blue in the evening.

They tend to look purple in photos.

Of course, there must be antlers.
I laughed at the prices of antlers this year and last.
I picked up three sets of small antlers in a little antique mall and three wood plaques from Hobby Lobby.
I stained the plaques, added a hanger on the back and some badly carved initials/date.
I like playing with a wood burner.
The antlers are hot glued onto the plaque.
(Add the hanger first, girls.)
High dollar, I tell you!
When you live in Texas, you can get these very inexpensively.
You could in 2005, anyway.

They look cute as a group, but right now they are separated.
Cuz', you gotta keep em separated.
(Who's singing now?)

This painting is special to me because it was done by Mary, my MIL who just passed away.

I love it because I am a Little House on the Prairie junkie from way back.
It always makes me think of Half Pint and Pa.
And Lemon Verbena.

As you can see- I mix a lot of different textures, styles and price ranges.
I spend where it matters and make the little accessories that I can.
I'm lucky that I have/had so many artistically talented family members...
Artists, architects, writers, musicians, poets and singers.
Gardeners, seamstresses, photographers
and more than a few comedians.
Even a real life Mad Hatter.
Each one contributed to my life in some way-
and I was blessed to be shaped and molded by people
who used their hands not only for work, but for play.
Hope you enjoyed my keeps today.


  1. It's wonderful to be surrounded by things that have meaning to us. You have some real treasures.

  2. i love the family artwork. irreplacable.

  3. The items that someone takes the time to create and reflect their talents are the best! You're so fortunate to have so many ~

    Everything looks lovely, as usual! Thanks for showing us around.


  4. The items that someone takes the time to create and reflect their talents are the best! You're so fortunate to have so many ~

    Everything looks lovely, as usual! Thanks for showing us around.


  5. How incredible to be surrounded by such creativity -
    Love your treasures!

  6. Sometimes, I don't think these youngsters "get it." You don't keep everything impersonal and gray just because it's have in your house the things that make you happy or bring back wonderful memories. They'll be menopausal someday and then they can join our team!

  7. My favorite things are the ones that people have made! You're Dad's talent is wonderful! How special!

  8. I'd say you are truly blessed-wonderful post.

  9. Tina,
    what beautiful artwork! Both are amazing, you're lucky to have such talented family members! Your table is fab, you did an amazing job on it. The room is lovely, very cozy, obviously the "guys" like it too!

  10. I should've guessed you came from a family of creative people! I love how you shared some of your keepers and the stories with us. When I think of you, and color, I think teal blue is definitely you. Love the layers on the table! Layers speak of depth and history and stories and unknown talents.

  11. Talent, indeed! How memorable to have such treasures from various family members. I love art with significance. Your home looks so comforting!

  12. So beautiful, girlie! That table is just wonderful...

  13. Gorgeous art! Both your dad and MIL are/were very talented! Mary's reminds me a bit of Andrew Wyeth.

    You were singing/typing The Offspring! Did you ever hear Weird Al's parody of "Pretty fly for a white guy" called "Pretty fly for a rabbi"? It's hilarious!

    Love your whole house. Ballard Designs seems pathetic by comparison.

    Back to work! ( packing .. Or cocktail, I'm not gonna lie.)


  14. You have a room full of treasures. I love that you have family artwork. That is so special. Things like that make an ordinary room into home.


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