May 31, 2013

The Fur Herd

A few days ago, I posted this photo of Sophie and Bruce waiting at the garden gate
between our house and our friends next door.
Our dogs love to play together.

This is Lucy.
She vacations here while her people are touring.
You may remember that her papa is Joey Kramer from Aerosmith.
Aerosmith was participating in the benefit concert for Boston.
I'm loving the benefit concerts this week, aren't you?
(I lost it when Miranda Lambert started to cry.)

This sweet girl is Maggie.
Maggie found a forever home next door and is thriving with her new family.

Sophie tends to be standoffish with other dogs, but she has accepted Lucy and Maggie as playmates.

Silly girls. 

 Bruce and Maggie smooching.

Bruce and Henry taking a break.  The pool water is saline, no worries.
They have a big bowl of fresh water and they still venture to the pool once in awhile.

Henry and Maggie.

The ball is tough to get away from Bruce, but Henry managed it.

I think he had Lucy running interference.

Maggie May likes her photo opportunities.

Henry has run out of steam.

The girls returned home for a nap before dinner-
happy and exhausted.

Naptime at our house, too.
If only it was as easy for us to fall asleep!
(Robin, should we go roll around in the grass and play chase?)
That would be a sight. 
Camera worthy, too. 

My camera was on a previous setting when I grabbed it, so these shots aren't stellar.
It's not your eyes. ;)
Next time I'll remember to put it into 
crazy running dog mode.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. So, I was wondering if you have to make sure your music is at a certain level of sophistication when Lucy comes to play? I love to see all the fur baby smiles...

  2. they are adorable! (and yes, i did tear up when miranda choked up and couldn't sing...)

  3. Looks like they're all lovin' life! Happy Weekend:@)

  4. AEROSMITH LIVES NEXT DOOR TO YOU???? I am coming to visit. I want to be a groupie.

  5. Tina
    everybody needs best friends, even "fur babies"! They look like they're having the best time! It's always nice to have friends come and play!

  6. Calm down, Kirbs.
    Joey's sister-in-law is next door. That sister happens to be my best bud and lives on the other side of the blue gate.
    I think I'd like a groupie for myself, so come on down.
    Aerosmith has enough!
    I'll let you peek thru the gate.

  7. I think they're stellar. Love love love when you feature the fur herd T. If one of my pugs came and played with the herd and Lucy - would they sing a canine version of "Pug In An Elevator"? Sorry. I had to. I love your gate. Love the blue. Just showed it to Kevin and told him "that's the color I want to stain the fence". We have fence staining to do this summer big time.

  8. you are running a awesome puppy camp, tina:) it's heck getting a ball from bailey, too! aerosmith?--you have cool connections! happy weekend!

  9. Those dog pics made my night! So sweet and I love how tuckered out they all are!

    Do the pups ever jump in the pool for a swim? And do your dogs nap everyday? Ours do. After 1:30pm they both become cranky and tired.

    I asked Brad today if he'd be ok with me fostering a dog here and there. He seemed annoyed and I said something snarky.

    We live less than four blocks from the humane society! I want to do more than give $ and fell in love with a deaf older dog.

    Que seso!

    There was sun today! Spots- but still- revived!

  10. What sweet pups! I must admit it would be super cool if Aerosmith did live next door. Love them from way back.

    Xoxo. Michelle.

  11. Oh, I so enjoyed see these fur babies playing together and enjoying each other! They look so happy and content. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Aww...the pups are so sweet! And that pool looks gorgeous-wouldn't mind having that in my back yard! :)

  13. You freaking live next door to the Kramedog??? You know, he likes his coffee too. All I had here was the artist formally known as Prince, but he's gone now.

    I will be rubbing elbows with Miranda next weekend. If i get
    a chance I will let her know she brought you to tears.


  14. What a great group of buddies. So nice that they all get along so well. :)

  15. I love this post Tina! I cannot imagine my life without dogs! Little Finn is lonely since Winston died, but I imagine he'll have a new playmate soon! Thanks for the fun pics!

  16. I love your puppycam! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Celebrity dog sighting!!!!!!!!
    What a bunch of gorgeous dogs - love the shot of them drinking from the pool Tina lol -
    I live near Leonard Cohen - think I'll knock on his door and ask him if he has a dog..........

  18. You know I'm not much of an animal person, but these are pretty darn cute!

  19. See...this is my problem...I took KIDS instead of dogs!! Although there is one 15 yr old boy who is a bit furry....I have to have clean glasses for them to drink out of...dogs slobber right from the pool! Beds? Screw that...sleep on the floor! Obviously, I need a dose of reality...thank you...just five years too late.....where were you when I needed you?


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