July 2, 2013

Painting Upholstery w/ASCP- My Little Chair and Friends

Here she is...a sweet little chair soaked in ASCP from head to toe.

Painting the upholstery was easy- I used approximately 2/3 of a can since I did two of them.
I bought these chairs last summer for the sole purpose of experimenting.
Like I've told you before, I have ten projects going at once and none of them finished.
I'm trying to remedy that this summer!  Really.  Seriously.
This was finished enough to show you.
The trick to this is wetting down the fabric and thinning the paint with water.
Once you get a good first coat on, you can add less and less water.
You cannot make a mistake- it's seriously easy.
I used a brush and a Martha Stewart paint sponge, which I bought at Michael's.
I needed to brush in all directions to get into the nap of the fabric.

Ugh, this fabric.

After the AS Old White was applied.

She's a pretty little thing now.

I have plans to add embroidery to it as soon as my machine is repaired.
This chair got photographed because I was cleaning the floors and the furniture had to be moved out...
along with another work of artistic delight.
Bruce just can't seem to control his creative urges and distressed another rug.

Now don't give me any grief over those curtains that don't reach the floor.
A sofa hides that fact when the furniture is returned.
I heard you finger waggers and tongue cluckers.

In the photo above, I added HDR in editing to show you the different looks that can be achieved.
The entire chair, the small table and the urn are painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I used Duck Egg Blue and Old White.
The pattern of the original fabric does show, but I only added two coats of paint.
I could have added another coat, but I like it and think that it adds character and age.
I posted about the Indian clubs a few years ago and you can see them in the link below.

Time to move the petite things out and get the room back in order.
I'll use the chairs in my office or the sewing room.
Anyone care to come over and help a girl out?
I'm realizing my mistake in only buying one of these pillows...
it's from Pottery Barn and no longer available.
If you have one that you no longer want, email me.
Let's make a deal.

Don't forget that Bliss at Bliss Ranch is co-hosting a linky party beginning on July 15.
Get those Christmas projects rolling!

Freak out, roll your eyes and make a mad dash to Hobby Lobby.
Go! Go! Go!

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  1. that is really a neat idea painting the fabric. I have never done it myself, but I think it looks wonderful

  2. Totally unrecognizable! They look great with your little spider table, too. :)

  3. Wow! It's gorgeous! Great job!!!!

  4. I'm sorry, but I think old Bruce upstaged your painting skills. hehe He's just got so much ATTITIDE!

    Your chair did turn out fabulous, and if I ever hang curtains in our living room they'll be short, too. Live steam heat gets so hot they'd start on fire. Seriously. Anyhoo, great update on the chair!

  5. So what's it feel like to the touch? I have a cousin to your chair, what do I have to lose by trying right?

    Thanks for the link party should out too.

  6. painting a chair? now that's just freaky!

  7. I love painted fabric and your chair looks terrific. My daughter and I were at a very chic store yesterday and they had a painted sofa and there was duct tape even painted where the cushion had ripped and it looked so cool. I enjoyed reading your post.

  8. That chair looks awesome! I never thought you could paint the fabric to look that good.

    Bruce is so cute! Looks like he has such a great personality. :-)

  9. It turned out beautiful Tina!!!!
    I have a chair earmarked for a paint job but just haven't had the time to get around to it yet - so happy yours turned out so gorgeous - makes me all the more anxious to start mine!
    The curtains bug me - even if you have something in front of them LMHO

  10. I have painted fabric several times but never wet the fabric first. I bet that really helps the first coat glide on. Why didn't I think of that? Floor length curtains? Well, ma'am I just thought they were cafe curtains!..snicker...okay- I am leaving now before you throw me out! xo Diana

  11. I love the pretty stripe down the middle! And Bruce looks innocent to me:@)

  12. I've always wondered about painting upholstery...does the fabric seem "stiff" when u sit down on it?

  13. The chair is cool...and my dining room don't touch the floor. It's intentional. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

  14. I am just stunned Tina! I can't believe you can paint a fabric chair! I will now be giving ugly upholstered furniture a second look! You are awesome!

  15. I would love to come and help you out, but i'm afraid I would help myself to those chairs! Love 'em!

  16. oooo I have that very pillow!!!! maybe we could do a timeshare with them? Have a great 4th funny lady

  17. Chalk painting FABRIC...now you are talking my language! I had seen a few things around blog-land but nothing as fine as your chairs. So when I see that beautiful chair with that ugly fabric, it doesn't have to go in the "no" pile anymore.

    And I must say, I just love Bruce. Every time I see a picture of his face, it makes me smile.

  18. oh, it's fabulous, tina!!...and so is bruce:) happy 4th!

  19. I love the look and keep hearing how easy it is. I'm going to have to give it a try. Yours looks amazing!
    Happy 4th of July!

  20. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who has a ton of projects in the works. Thanks for the tips.

  21. LOVE this! What a fantastic transformation with just a little bit of paint! I have always wanted to try something like this!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  22. Wow. And I would totally give you an extra pillow if I actually bought accent pillows. Instead I just have the ones you sleep on the look rather pitiful and old now that I think about it. LOVE all that you do!

  23. Tina, The chair turned out wonderful!! Love the urn and pillow too. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  24. I really need to do something similar, TOT! I have two wingback chairs...currently in Brad's "man cave". They are an "eh" blue. He wants to sell them on Craigslist. Maybe I'll do this and sell them TO him?!

    Bruce has officially stolen my heart. My god, that dog is CUTE!

  25. I can't believe how fantastic this turned out!! I'm having chair envy ;)

  26. NO WAY! That is an incredible transformation. It's hard that flower fabric just got a coat of paint or two. It's really beautiful.

  27. I love your chair. This is one thing I haven't tried painting, but now that I see the amazing transformation, it's going on my list.

  28. So, was it scratchy when you were done? Did you sand between coats? I love the look!

  29. I have a chair I want to paint...I even painted the little arm cover as a test, and I'm completely freaked out!! But now that I've seen yours I might give it a go again. (ASCP as well.) But I'm not telling my husband.

    -andi :)

  30. That's awesome, girlie! I love those babies!

  31. How did I miss this? I love this chair. I cannot wait to paint one! Let me know how it holds up!

  32. Oh Tina this is great. Wow I did not dilute my paint but it took all of the can to do three coats. Does diluting with water help to soften it too. I used a paint medium to soften the AS paint. You chairs look great.


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