April 7, 2014

Spring Thing

Amazing, I know!
I actually put up a post.
I was being bullied by one of our Canadian friends to get my act together and DO SOMETHING!
Ok, Suze.  I did something.  And you'd better like it, too.

I had the best time putting this little show of Spring together.


Just a few herbs and verbena stuffed into old sewing machine drawers and some copper for fun.
I love this old ladder all prettied up for sunny days.

Sweet basil is a favorite.

Simple burlap ribon from Hobby Lobby wraps around a faux sprig.

The sign was made for pennies with a blank balsa wood door hanger from HL.
I transferred the image with CitraSolve and added some wax.
I love 5 minute projects.

When I'm ready for a nap, I'll hang my sign.
The lemon thyme smells delicious.

Have an old piece of junk laying around?  Or several million like me?

Make yourself a Spring Thing-
especially all my frozen friends still enduring snow and wishing for green things and warmth.

Even last weeks tulips have a place of honor.
They were gorgeous pink and white, but I enjoy the bulbs all dried and crunchy, too.

Thanks, Crit and Brit.
Mwah, you sweet things!

Tomorrow the ladder goes outside but I've enjoyed it so much this evening.
It's propped against the laundry room door waiting for the storms to pass.
I've missed you guys!
I'll be around soon if I haven't already.

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  1. What a fun post and it is nice to see you posting again! LOVE that old ladder and all the bits and pieces there.

    Off to bed here- tired with a new baby in the house. Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  2. It looks great but I'll bet it smells even better! Enjoy:@)

  3. So many pretty spring things...makes me want to go out and plant something. :)

  4. LOVE your header! And the ladder is great, too...we've still got one more hard freeze, I think. Glad you're here!

  5. Wow Tina! That is once gorgeous welcome to your home! Glad you felt like posting and decorating. Love that ladder and all of it's springiness. Good for Suzan for getting you off of your butt and encouraging you to post. Now come help me do my front porch!

  6. Yay Tina! ;) Love what you did with that ladder and I really love your blog header. Pretty, pretty, just like you! Hope your day is filled with loveliness! xo

  7. really sweet and pretty! :)

  8. Your ladder makes a great display. The emotion you got from me on this post: envy. That is a big compliment!

  9. Beautiful! And fresh sweet basil is my favorite. I love your new blog header. :)


  10. If that's what you come up with when you are bullied, I think you better give Suze a weekly spot, the ladder is awesome!

  11. now we know you have been stuck in the long spring hobby lobby line

  12. You're a pretty good stylist, you know. In one picture it looked like the ladder steps were slanting down. How did you get the drawers to stay on the slanted steps? I always have this problem - if you pull the ladder out until the steps are flat the ladder sticks out too far...
    Gorgeous pictures, Tina.

  13. really love the tulips!

  14. Tina,
    so glad to see you've dug yourself out from under winter with a very cool springy post!! Love decorating with ladders, yours looks great! Love your new header photo!

  15. Love your spring ladder...so pretty and I bet it smells wonderful with all of the herbs. Still waiting for some warmer weather and itching to plant my garden.

  16. such spring cuteness, tina! and did i miss a post about the super cute curtain with your name on it? love that!

  17. that is beautiful! does the verbena smell wonderful? never smelled it live - only in a lotion LOL :)

  18. THAT is absolute perfection Tina !!!
    So happy you took my bullying to heart LOL - look at the inspiration that came out of it !
    Holy something - I need that for my front - and I LOVE that it's your new header - how beautiful

  19. Love to see the way you have used plants. It really is a "Spring Thing." I especially love the ladder with each step covered with something growing.


  20. I have been AWOL for months regarding blogs. Not sure what happened...I LOVE this ladder!

  21. Just lovely! Another great ladder idea . I am obsessed :)

  22. What beautiful spring inspiration. Thanks for stopping by Tina and I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Hope you and the pups are all well. xo Nancy

  23. Glad you're back! And I'm glad Spring is finally here. Oy - I thought it would never arrive. Happy Spring!


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