May 29, 2014

Wilbur and Fern

 As most of you know, I have a thing for animals.
My house is full of them.
Live and... not.
I associate most of the not with characters from books I read as a child.
Books that impacted me.
Books that taught me about unconditional love and responsibility and commitment.
So it's no shock that I present to you, Wilbur and Fern.
They are named for the radiant little pig in Charlotte's Web and the little girl who loved him.
There are so many versions of Wilbur that live here.
I do love that little pig,

This pair sat in the garden for years until a nasty hurricane approached.
To avoid projectile piggies, we brought in all the yard ornaments.
Poor piggies have been sitting in the garage since then.
I brought them in and gave them a good cleaning, 
though not in buttermilk like Mrs. Zuckerman would have done.
A coat of ASCP in Old White and some accessories brought them back to life.
They'll enjoy the summer on the back patio.
(Remember not to wax if your painted objects will be in the heat/sun.)

Can you see this little piggy?
There's a bench behind the sofa waiting to be recovered-
 so Bruce has chosen this as his favorite hidden napping place.
The boy likes pillows.
I can see you, BooBoo.

Go save something from your garage and pretty up your porch!


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Here's my swap for this week...
It's a child's apron with an imperfect (meaning slightly over ironed) iron on-
embellished with glittery wings and glitter sugar in the cup.
Yeah, we call that "aged", right?
"I'm a spoonful of sugar"- "I'm a cup of joy"
Comes with the etched (faux) bird knob hanger.
The purslane stays with me. ;)


  1. sweet piggies (all 3 of them).

    charlotte's web always strikes a chord in the heart. :)

  2. I love real and unreal animals too. Just bought a pottery piggy the other day! Yours are absolutely adorable! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  3. I used to read Charlotte's web to my 2nd grade class! Always choked me up in the end... Love your little piggies!

  4. i loved your charlotte's web:) and, i'd take your live piggie in a heart beat:)

  5. Did someone say pigs??? They are cute and will look great on your patio Tina! Cute to see Bruce all snuggled in like that too:@)

  6. They're absolutely adorable !!!
    You need a fake spider coming down between the 2 of them - you know that right?

  7. Your piggies are sooo cute! This makes me want to read Charlotte's Web again. I have a copy here somewhere.

  8. I just introduced my grandsons to the joys of Charlotte's Web not long ago. They would absolutely adore your piggies.

  9. I have a "thing" for pigs too. But only the inanimate kind :). Quite a few among my possessions, and for the same reason as you.

  10. Those two little piggies are so cute. I have a few collection of little piggies too.

    Your little doggie is so adorable, hinting beneath the soft pillows.

    Wishing you good weekend ahead.


  11. OK, I just love that you related the piggies to Charlotte's Web and the buttermilk bath. :) The pigs are perfect!

  12. BooBoo the pillow prince. I'm off to pretty up my porch.

  13. Your piggies are cute! I'm pretty sure I have plenty of garden stuff to salvage out in my garage right now! LOL! Love the apron girl!

  14. Your house is full of live animals and...not? You keep dead animals in your house? I never knew this about you. I love Wilbur and Fern. And BooBoo. :)


  15. You and I would have so much fun together! I love animals, especially dogs and squirrels!! And I love thrifting! I'm going to learn how to sew, my mom is going to finally teach me. LOL
    when are you moving to NC!?

  16. A favorite childhood memory of Wilbur and Fern. My dogs and cat have taken over the living room sofa to look out the window.

    I love the apron and if you would swap for either my decorative hat (maybe for your garden?) or the vintage bottles, let me know.

  17. Tina,
    your piggies are so cute all spruced up and ready for summer! Bruce has certainly found a comfy spot to relax! That apron is adorable, but I still love the ones you sent me the best!

  18. I have pigs in my house, too! Mostly cutting boards, but I used to collect all kinds.

  19. Fine swine, wish he were mine, Zuckermans famous pig.... Suuuweee, whatda ya see, the greatest hog in history.

  20. Cute little piggies! That was one of my favorite books to read to our girls, too.

    That sofa sure looks comfy!

  21. Love Wilbur and Fern! I'll be featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love Charlotte's Web, I read it to my kids when they were little. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Somehow, I knew Wilbur and Fern belonged to Tina. :) Even before I clicked over, I knew...they are so dang cute! So are you. Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  23. Your pigs are adorable, and that's the cutest pic of Bruce burrowed in the pillows! :)


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