June 19, 2014

Up, up, upside down?

Many of you will understand this post immediately.
For those of you who don't...
I'd suggest that you watch a sweet little movie this weekend called UP.

I'm heading over to Revi's for her Thrifty Life Thursday party and needed to share a thrifty find.
This picture frame was a dollar at an estate sale.
There was a very, ummm, uninteresting  little painting inside that I painted over 
with ASCP Old White.  I also painted the frame.
It became the perfect home for my grape soda pin.
It is one of my treasured keeps.

My world has a few similarities. ;)

Taking a cue from Revi, my little framed pin has been revised, revisioned and recycled.
A special keep to make me smile, now up on the wall and happy.

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  1. I SOOOO very much get this! I loved that movie, and I love your grape soda pin! The fun/elegant mix is exciting to me, so I'm pinning...:) Thanks, Tina, for the PR, girlfriend. :)

  2. Oh, and btw...you have the most talented animals at your house! How did you get that squirrel to do gymnastics for you?

  3. i did love that movie! :)

  4. love the squirrel! i also love the totally awesome framed soda pin! wasn't that movie the cutest?!

  5. What a great fixer upper! My family loves the movie Up! I need to meet Revi! Heading over there now!

  6. How fun! We are collecting bottle caps to put in a bar top. If we ever get around to it.

  7. You've created a totally original, really cool piece of art Tina! Love it:@)

  8. I think I have a few of those frames packed away. Now I want to paint them and see what I've got to display! Yours is adorable. :)

    I've never heard of the movie, but now I'll have to google it. You have some seriously talented critters hanging from your trees, Tina!

  9. At least a bronze medal for the gymnast squirrel you have. A gold medal to the upcycled grape soda pin suitably framed.

  10. I so love the movie Up. I like what you did with the frame and the Grape Soda Pin. Very clever.

  11. I love your acrobatic squirrel. I haven't seen the movie, so I'll have to check it out.

  12. I love your acrobatic squirrel. I haven't seen the movie, so I'll have to check it out.

  13. I have never seen the movie, but I'm thinking now I need to. That is an amazing picture of the squirrel! And I like what you did with the thrift shot find.

  14. If I was a kid again I'd collect soda bottle tops. They have a cool factor, just like you.

  15. That frame is gorgeous! The pin looks so sweet framed! Great job :)

  16. What a great way to use that gorgeous frame Tina !
    AND I got it right away lol

  17. Not sure I get it Tina, but I will make sure I do with snooping around here. Have not seen up, but maybe I will make time on Net Flix to watch today.
    I do love the soda cap pin shadow boxed in your up styled frame, in fact I too have displayed pieces just like this. Love the frame painted white adds to the charm of the grape soda cap pinned in and under glass.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit me!
    I always enjoy getting to know new followers making good friends with them.

    See you soon.
    Now off to visit your older postings.


  18. Hey sweet one, your pin will be featured this week at RL TLT...how could I NOT? :)

    BTW - your sugar bowl is in the mail today. :)

  19. Tina, this is my favorite combination of elegance & whimsy--love it! Blessings, Cecilia

  20. Catching up a little. What a fun frame and leave it to you to tie in squirrels, dogs, Up and soda into one marvelous post!

  21. I love Up. I love this post. And I STILL want that squirrel!



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