August 21, 2014

In The Keeping Room

A quick post about items in TKR...

These towels are available for order.

White towels with your choice of the following words:

Unwind, Breathe, Laugh, Peace, Relax, Faith, Pray, Love, Mr., Mrs., Bride and Groom.

Click the button on my sidebar for more info.

 Monogrammed silverware-over 100 years old.

All five pieces are engraved with the "J" monogram, they do show scratches from regular use and age,
but they are really nice for someone building a collection.
The large platter spoon has a few nics from what appears to be a fall into a disposal at some point.
It's definitely still usable, as this spoon is for serving not for putting into your mouth.

If this fits into your mouth, you have bigger issues. ;)

Finding 100 year old matching engraved silverware is difficult, I was thrilled to find these.


Just letting you know that I have 7 blue and 6 red.

If you are interested, let me know so I can reserve one for you.

I won't have the Christmas designs up for a few weeks.

Nothing Will Happen girls will get 20% off  on your first order.

I think you know the code words.  wink  wink

Hope you all enjoy your weekend...
I'll be in the sewing room. :)

I'll leave you with a sight that I smile at everyday-
I call her Large Marge.
She owns that swing.


  1. Gorgeous towels and aprons, Tina! And I enjoyed your bio from the blog tour. :)

  2. After the week I've had I think I could use Relax, Breathe AND Unwind! Lovin' Large Marge:@)

  3. love large marge! and love your skirl apron!

    sweet towels to remind one to just breathe. :)

  4. You have some pretties there! Beautiful spoons and towels! Including Large Marge! She's a pretty too! Cracking me up!

  5. I want one of everything!! Love the towels,especially. Off to check out the aprons.

    These items would make such wonderful gifts my friend!


  6. Oh! Loving that silver even if J doesn't fit a soul in the house! I have a collection on the counter that we use regularly. It's all mis-matched, which I love. It just all looks so pretty together. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. If your weather is anything like ours right now, sitting in the ac with the sewing machine isn't such a bad thing!

  7. Those spoons are gorgeous !
    J for John?

  8. I'm thinking about changing my name to something with a J, just for that gorgeous silverware! Your stuff is so pretty Tina. "Unwind" suits my bathroom perfectly. When I'm in that deep tub....nobody better even think about knocking on that door! LOL!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous.
    The disposal is so unkind to silverware.
    Holy largeness, Marge! She does love her swing.

  10. Large Marge has found the perfect perch. Love the squirrel apron. Is that a pocket for your nuts?

  11. Love the towels. I'm big on putting "breathe" on all kinds of things cuz it seems I always find I'm holding my breath whenever I get tense. It's a great reminder to relax.

  12. Love that old silverware, and those aprons are amazing! Great pics of 'Large Marge' :)

  13. Love the silver... Pretty sure I could put that spoon in my mouth if it had some pudding in it. Oh Marge


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