September 30, 2014

Aunt Polly's Trunk

Hello Tuesday...
Aunt Polly's trunk has been distressed and covered in hemp oil.
I'm a happy girl.
(If you missed the prior post about the trunk, you can read it HERE.
Or the mystery of the name HERE.)

I really wanted to get rid of that orangy tone but still see the wood.
I really like how it turned out.
The trunk has obviously seen some adventure, 
but the bumps and bruises just make it more appealing to me.

I oiled the hardware, as well.
The hemp oil made a huge difference on the trunk.
This poor girl was parched.

 I'm thinking that ethics books in the Harrington mansion were very well read.
Although not this wasn't printed until 1951.
More on these old books later.
I've used a bent silver spoon on a ribbon as a bookmark.
It has been stamped with the Harrington "H".
Of course.

The candle sleeves on this lamp are antique and very fragile.
They are made of paper and are a fun accessory to add to a reproduction lamp.
I removed them from a very heavy, very rusted chandy.
No worries, the silicon covered bulbs don't get hot enough to start a fire.
In reality, there is quite a safe space between the hard plastic sleeve inside the paper one.
I wanted that chandelier specifically for these candle sleeves.
They are easily reproduced, but these are so old and authentic and I loved them.

I added the antique glass crystals when it sat on the piano.
It was so pretty when the afternoon sun streamed through the windows.

I found a little surprise while I was oiling the trunk.
A tiny letter P.

Perfect end to this project.
And Pollyanna approved.
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  1. I love how that turned out! Those candle sleeves were worth keeping....they are usually destroyed over the years so that was a great find! of my faves as a kid! Actually, Hayley Mills in general.

  2. what? a little mysterious p? I love how it turned looks so old. Just really do love it!

  3. It's nice that you were able to include a Rainbow Maker in there.

  4. It turned out great and I love the candles too! The little P made me smile-enjoy:@)

  5. It turned out so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful treasures!! I love the trunk...can you send it a bit north please? :)


  7. A "P" - how appropriate! She looks quite beautiful with the white and the hemp oil. I am stealing the tip about saving the old candle covers.

  8. You have the coolest stuff! Love the old books with a spoon bookmark. And the candle sleeves LOVE... and the trunk is A- mazing!!! What do you know... all of this was brought to us by the letter P. Great job Tina!

  9. That little p is so sweet, and how perfect. The trunk is so lovely.

  10. I love the way your trunk turned out, Tina! I was looking at an old trunk today with a top that slides off. It was a great deal for $20, but I don't have any room left in our house! So...what are you going to keep in yours?

  11. How lovely Tina! I love that you found a tiny P and don't you just wonder where that came from??

  12. The trunk looks great, and the little P only makes it better.

  13. Tina, how pretty the trunk turned out. Love the distressing and the hemp oil. I am going to have try some of that. The candle sleeve looks fabulous and I love the silicone bulb with it's little point.I'll have to look up an old lamp in the garage to see if it has some pretties on it.. I am getting ready to display my copycat bat you know what pretty soon..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. What a beautiful vignette Tina
    And the trunk turned out gorgeous -
    I have to watch that movie again - I've been thinking about since this all started lol

  15. Now I really need to watch Pollyanna. I checked on Netflix and it's not streaming. Boohoo. Guess I'll have to watch it the old-fashioned way. Wait for it to come on Disney on Sunday night. Except that never happens anymore. DVD it is! Love your trunk. :)



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