September 16, 2014

Harrington House

This old trunk sat at my parent's house for years.  And years.
It's very large and was taking up too much space so it was given to me.
It sat in my house for years.  And years.
It was in my son's room for quite awhile but last year we moved it downstairs.
You know, so I could do something with it.
I filled it up with books and crap.
And it sat one more year.
Mostly it collected dog bones and tennis balls until Bruce needed them.

You will all understand when I say that one evening something lit a fire under my ass
and I grabbed my ASCP Old White and slapped some on the top of the trunk.
I wasn't loving it yet.

So it sat for a few months.
But alas, a new fire was lit!
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I ran to Hobby Lobby for stickers, grabbed my can of MMS dark wax and got busy.
Thirty minutes later, the top was finished.
I am going to work on the rest of it this week- and then do a touch of distressing on the letters.
The orange-y wood was covered up with two coats of paint and one coat of wax.
I love how the wax picks up all the imperfections.

I need to buy new old hardware for it and I may even line it with cedar.
There's always next year.
Or the next.

Who is P. Harrington you ask?
Be glad, it will come to you.


  1. Loveeee!!! Simple, yet ingenious. And I love the letters in white resist. I know a Harrington House here...any relation?

  2. Oh that dark wax really made a difference! So pretty Tina. I have no idea who P. Harrington is..guess I'd better keep thinking about it! LOL!

  3. The only P Harrington I can think of (and he jumped immediately to mind, which shows you exactly how my mind works, unfortunately) is Pat Harrington, who was Schneider on One Day At A Time...which makes you Valerie Bertinelli, right?

  4. i just love the texture that shows up when the dark wax is added! have a good week, tina:)

  5. I have no idea... love the direction you're going with the trunk. We inherited a huge trunk, I stuck it in the fireplace ... really just to get it out of the way, but it looks okay there.
    Have a great day Tina!

  6. P. Harrington, one of Bruce's relatives? I want some wax, I'm fancying the look it's giving your trunk.

  7. I want to see more! I googled P Harrington...nada.

  8. The dark wax looks fabulous !
    Now, I'm with Kirby on this one - I can only think of P.Harrington - so I googled it and there's a Padraig Harrington - a golfer - and I don't think it's either of these - have you hidden him in that gorgeous trunk?

  9. I agree that the dark was was a perfect choice.

  10. The trunk is looking good! Guess you're gonna have to spill it on the name... Fun new items in the shop too:@)

  11. OH, I love what I see so far!!

  12. I have no idea, but I hope you clue us in soon! I had those same letters in my hand for an entirely different project, but I ended up putting them back and hand painting the letters. I love the industrial look of them!

    I hope he wasn't one of our past presidents I was supposed to memorize in 6th grade. hehe

  13. Nice job! I have an old trunk that my father left me. It's an army green--I think it was his when he was in the service during WWII. I don't know what to do with it. I was going to paint it, bought the paint and everything, and then chickened out.

  14. It's gorgeous and I love the dark wax! As for who P. Harrington might be, I have no idea...yet!

  15. You will tell us who P. Harrington is, right? Love the trunk's slow, but effective, transformation. It's like the evolution of a trunk.

  16. Super cool. Love that dark wax!

  17. You have us all flummoxed with this Harrington thing. I used to work with a gal named Julie Harrington. I used to call her Julie Harry Tongue. I don't think that's what you're talking about tho....


  18. OK, since it's not a Texas thing, how about P Harrington from Manchester, NH...bottlers of soft drinks?

  19. Ummm...Anything to do with John Peabody Harrington??? Just a guess :)


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