September 27, 2014

I'm in the Spotlight

Good morning!
I'm over at Must Love Junk today in the Saturday Spotlight Series.

Thank you, Susan!

I hope you'll pop over and visit.
You never know what you'll read over there.

I told secrets.

And I'll be back on Sunday to solve the mystery of the trunk.
I am shocked, ladies!
No one guessed correctly.
That trunk would have been gathering dust in this house.
Perhaps in an upstairs room turned into a makeshift bedroom for an orphan niece?
Do you need inspiration?
Some sweet turquoise fishnets like I'm wearing?

Oh, come on....

I guess you'll have to wait until Sunday.


  1. headed the fishnets!!

  2. Sarah Crewe? The poor girl living at the boarding school waiting for her father to return from war? I love the post you did at Must Love Junk. I did learn some things about you and got to see your mister. And, yes, I have dressed in elephant leaves, but later in life than you.

  3. Look how cute and stylish you were! On my way to visit..........

  4. Oh my....totally lovin' those tights! Could you be any cuter? :)

  5. I loved meeting you at Must Love Junk and look forward to the time when I can slowly read your blog.

    Yes, San Diego is a wonderful spot. We lived in Mission Beach for 12 years. I loved the weather in San Diego, but our spot on the coast doesn't get the crowds of La Jolla or Coronado.

  6. Thanks for doing Spotlight Tina. It was fun to have you featured. Have a wonderful week end.

  7. Loved reading all about you on Must Love Junk. And I can totally relate to the elephant ear outfit. I made mine out of canna leaves...stripped every single leaf off my grandmother's plants and made leis out of the flowers. She wasn't very happy, but I was, because I looked soooo cute!

  8. Tina,
    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. I've been looking/reading your past posts and I think you are fun loving and extremely talented. It will be delightful following your adventures. See you for tomorrow's post.

  9. I'm going to head over and I want that house. I would make it look haunted and EVERYONE would want to come to my Halloween parties, but I would only invite hens.

  10. Lovin' those funky fishnets! Happy Weekend:@)

  11. You had style back then!

  12. I adore you. Truly. But WTH??!? I'm still waiting for the answer on that trunk???


  13. Tina, thanks for being my feature today!! You're always so much fun...and I love your cute and sassy haircut!! :)

  14. You're famous! Loved the feature!

  15. Tina,
    just went to Must Love Junk, fun to learn some new things about you! What a beautiful family you have! Know what you mean about taking pics of your kids! I have to fight to get any photos of my 2 boys!
    Who knew you were so stylish back in the 60's! You were wearing fishnets and I was wearing bell bottoms and boots!

  16. Hi Tina. What a little cutie pie!! Just like now..Going over to read all the scandal..Happy Sunday..Judy

  17. oh, you are adorable--i remember wearing fishnets, too! great write-up over at susan's, tina:) ps-i've never seen pollyanna!


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