October 22, 2014

Mushroom City

Ugh, I know.
But I can't help but see the beauty in the textures.

Nature presents us with so many things to look at if we only slow down to see them.

Just look at the gorgeous light.

 From my window it appeared that hamburger buns had been thrown into the grass.

I had to investigate.

I'd never seen these in our yard before.
Pretty with the last of the crepe myrtle blossoms.

Look at the ruffles.

As you can see, I was very intriqued.
The only thing I know about mushrooms that grow in the yard 
is to keep the dogs from eating them.
That, and the gnomes.
Where there be mushrooms...
there is sure to be a gnomemobile close by.

Brucie is hiding in the wedelia with eyes closed.
If he can't see them, they can't see him!

Now on to the winnings...

Andi likes owls and navy blue, this is one of her requests.
These sketchy doodle patterns have been fun to embroider.

She also chose custom towels with navy embroidered names- which are top secret, btw.
I can't show them.

And this kitchen towel.

 Tuula is the Queen Pink Lady, so it's all things pink for her.
Vintage 1950's pink apron, chenille fabric remnant, embroidered hand towels,
vintage napkins/placements, etc.

Tuula has an Etsy shop where she sells beautiful wind chimes made from vintage silverware.
Spoonfuls of Whimsy- HERE.

I purchased these as a birthday gift to myself last summer...they hang in my office.
You'll see more of them in a future post.
They are so pretty and unique.

Packages are on their way to the post office, ladies.


  1. Guess I'm gonna have to go sit on Andi till she tells me what you embroidered on her towels.

  2. neat linens! and i think fungi are fascinating life forms!

  3. there's a fungus among us! I love love your mushroom photos...contest worthy my friend!

  4. Oh my your mushroom photos are incredible. Hug B

  5. The embroidery looks great Tina! I'm sure everyone will be thrilled with their goodies:@)

  6. Beautiful photography of the mushrooms. Love your work and those two are so lucky - great giveaways. Where is your shop? I cannot find it.

  7. I have to tell you, mushrooms fascinate me! Seems they just appear out of nowhere and have all sorts of unique shapes and colors.

    Congrats to the winners! Gorgeous items. You are so talented.


  8. Love the mushroom photos, especially the one with the little spider.

  9. I am fascinated with your magical photos of your yards mushrooms. Got a chuckle out of hamburger buns! Wild mushrooms do add wonderful texture but scare me because they can be so poisonous.
    I find Brucie absolutely precious and Tina your embroidery is beautiful.

  10. Tina, you are right. There is so much to look at if we would only keep our minds open. I spyed a spider, did you? They pop up around our garden once in awhile, but I think they might be a fairy delicacy because they are gone with the morning light!!..Brucie just looks very contented..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  11. You take gorgeous pictures Tina. You can even make fungi look beautiful. Your embroidered pieces are wonderful and Andi and Tuula are lucky ladies!

  12. Your lovely winners are so fortunate!

  13. beautiful photos, tina! and i just want to give bruce a big kiss!

  14. Your photos are fantastic! I have a secret fascination with mushrooms, too. How weird! Love, love that owl towel! I just had to say owl towel one more time!

  15. Your mushroom pics are so amazing Tina. You certainly have an eye for finding beauty in the unlikeliest places. I'm just thrilled with what you've put together for me. I love it all!! I can't believe the piece with my shop name on it... and that bird!! You're so talented, and it's all so perfect. Also, how'd you know I have a secret thing for chenille? I'm one very grateful and lucky Pink Lady... who is also very curious about what Andi had you put on her towels.

  16. OMG you DIDN'T!!!!!! Bahahaha!!!!! I'm so very excited! That owl is spectacular. I'm actually putting together an owl post (haha) so I may need to put that photo in it if that's okay. :) I despise mushrooms, but they really are beautiful in their way, aren't they? And your photos are amazing, as always.


  17. Beautiful photos Tina! You are so right! We miss a ton of beauty because we are so busy and distracted. That is me! I need to make a sign that says "Stop and See the Mushrooms! I'll be right back. LOL!

  18. Your hamburger buns ~ er ~ mushroom photos are beautiful. The detail in nature always blows me away. But the owl design is ah-mazing! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  19. The linens you embroidered are just beautiful, Tina!

    Gorgeous photos of your mushrooms, too.


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