February 26, 2015

Round Top

With the spring antiques week fast approaching, I thought you might enjoy a visit to Round Top.
These photos are from Jan/Feb 2012, soon after The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell opened it's doors.
We enjoyed a stay at The Prairie and I lusted after all the beautiful furniture.

I still die over this shade of velvet.

Inside the store-
I'd love a huge piece like this for storing linens.

There may have been drooling.


It's just as you'd imagine the Shabby Chic world to be.

Sweet Pearl gave us a tour.

There's been a lot of swooning over this truck.

There's much to enjoy for all you rusty junk lovers.

I loved this window.
I can imagine the sound of the rain coming down on it.

A warm and welcoming breakfast awaited us in The Ranger's Lounge.
Love those bar stools.

One last Pearl hug before heading into Round Top.
I can't believe how short my hair was.

The next few photos were from a visit to Royer's.
They are famous for their pies but all their food is delicious.
Yes, that is Simon the Chipmunk on a root beer bottle.
He had a wild time with two little girls.

We've always enjoyed ourselves here.
What's not to love?

I love the signs everywhere.
Bud had a major health scare not long ago-
I bet that cigar party has been designated a no-no.
Long live Bud the Pie Man!

These photos are from off season, otherwise there would be a 
wall of people waiting to get in.

Livin' on Round Top time.
See the silverware hanging from the chandy?

No pie left behind!
No plate size Sin-namon roll, either.
Big enough to share, but why would you?

In addition to the cafe, you will love visiting
Royer's Pie Haven, a short walk away.
All kinds of pie...sweet and savory.
Even the Junk Gypsy Crack Berry Pie.

Junk Gypsy is right up the road.
Do you love the sign from Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's wedding?
Bad phone pic, but I had to show you.

Here's a better photo from Pinterest.

Looks like a fun time, hmm?

There are two other posts about The Prairie if you are interested...

So who's going to be in Round Top for the spring show?
I don't know if I'm going yet...
Who's going to babysit Jack Henry?
Any takers? ;)


  1. Round Top is on my bucket list Tina! I loved this post and all of the eye candy here. Rain on a tin roof....one of my favorite sounds. Your pictures are always so beautiful! That last one is just priceless!

  2. When I am retired, I am going!!

  3. Seriously, I'm not sure my heart health is solid enough to survive Round Top. I don't have a heart condition but feel I would develop one. The only thing that kept me from going into a trance looking at these photos was Tuula's dancing cat in your sidebar.

  4. love the tour, tina:) i'll take jack henry, but, you might not get him back:)

  5. Jack Henry is adorable in his little romper. It would a close race to see if I would do Round Top (a dream of mine) or take Jack Henry. I vote for puppy breath! Followed by extreme Texas junking - a sport I have trained for.

  6. not into the junkin' but love the fences!! :)

  7. Tina- I just love those pictures! I am living vicariously through you because I will probably never get there. What fun and look at all that shabby goodness! xop Diana

  8. I would meet you there if it was just about 3 weeks later. Since I have to be in OKC the last week of April and part of May for the dear grandson's coming. Maybe next year. And I mean that. I need to get to Texas to visit my sister in Austin.

  9. Oh, Tina. What a great place. Is this the same Round Top that Joanna Gaines from FixerUpper does all her shopping? Love it and someday would love to go there. I'll babysit Brucie and Jack Henry if you can get them to me, but I might have trouble changing a soiled onesie!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. I live in WV, but Round Top's on my bucket list. I wonder if it's gotten like Springfield, crazy crowded with vendors to where what used to be a flea market is now just a sprinkling of the good bargains way out in left field (literally). Vintage Marketplace set up in the center of Springfield's Extravaganzas events (May & Sept) has jacked up prices overall, at least at Springfield. Takes away some of the fun it used to be. But I still want to get to Round Top. It's bigger (of course it is, it's TX!).

  11. Swooning and drooling. Sounds about right to me. xo Laura

  12. What a dream of a day - I'd be jumping up and down all over the place !
    And my Son would go nuts over that truck - I love it - but he'd go nuts !!!
    That cottage would be something I'd like to live in - never mind shop in LOL

  13. Looks like an amazing visit and I'd be in heaven around all those pies! But my favorite thing is the "baby's" outfit:@)

  14. I've never heard of Round Top, but it sounds and looks like a cool place to visit. So much to love... like that fence, that corrugated steel ceiling, and the silverware chandy! And of course those ginormous cinnamon rolls.

  15. 1. When I was 5 I had a deep purple velvet dress. The velvet was so smooth, not sure I've felt that kind since.
    2. You are a beauty no matter the length of your hair.
    3. You might be sorry you asked for dog sitters, who could resist!

  16. OMG puppy in a onesie!!!! Pearl and her photo-mate are both lovely. :) And those cinnamon rolls?? Holy smokes! Get me 2 of 'em!


  17. Oh Tina, the purple velvet, an emotional high, the patina on the truck a faux artists dream to copy, your photos of Round top... Need to return. Staying at Rachel Ashwells yet another dream to hopefully have come true.

  18. Tina,
    Came back for another purple fix but what made me smile was Jack Henry in his onsie. Adorable freckles under his chin... Oh how I wish I loved closer to play with him.

  19. Tina, I LOVED these photos! Yep, I was drooling. What a great trip!

  20. Thanks for taking us along, Tina! That purple velvet sofa is divine! Maybe you could do a Paris Hilton and bring the dogs along in handbags.


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