April 26, 2015

As you requested...

I have had quite a few requests for more Jack posts, so here you go Monkey lovers!

Jack Henry is a very polite boy when waiting for a treat.
He learned this instantly, taking cues from his bubby Bruce.
Bruce has very nice manners.

Some of you saw this photo on FB...
He's chewing on a stinky bully stick here.
He later swallowed it whole while in Magoo's office.
How this is possible, I can't understand.
We gave him the large footlong so he couldn't swallow it.

Jack Henry must always be supervised when he has a chew.
He's like a little furry sword swallower.

Magoo is fired.
He did run down and tell me so I could handle things.
Little man was immediately doing that oh-so-fun gagging thing, so up it came.
When he did expel it, I thought Magoo was going to pass out.
I hadn't seen that kind of pale face since the days of baby diarrhea.

Jack Henry needs a dinosaur bone, I guess.

This photo is his Lion King pose.  

This area is waaaay to the back of the yard- 
Jack, Bruce and Sophie play hide and seek back there.

The little one is always the lookout, right?

They all love to play ball...Sophie tries her best to keep up.

Jack learned to fetch  pretty quickly.

He had great teachers.

Jack Henry is Bruce's shadow.
Bruce is so smart and thank goodness, Jack does whatever Bruce does.
It's made his training much easier.

They BOTH snore, but Jack snores like a freight train.
They pass out a few hours before we do, and we laugh constantly.
Sometimes they have running dreams at the same time.
I wonder who got the ball...

Bruce gave him a little courtesy time to sleep in his place,
which happens to be on/or right up against me.
Head on my shoulder, or full body human sleep on my pillow.
He's had enough of that now and has reclaimed his spot.
Jack's response?
Pile up in between us.
Bruce weighs 60 lbs. and Jack 25 lbs.
This is going to be a problem as the Jack Monkey grows!
These boys are snugglers.
The corgis were never snugglers like this.
In fact, Sophie will show the boys her pretty white teeth if they attempt to snuggle with her.
The princess is like a five year old yelling
"stop touching me!!!" to her siblings.
It's like having little kids all over again.
Bratty, loud, mess making, adorable, lovable, furry kids.

I'm not complaining. 
They bring us so much joy.
(Except when JH pees on the tile and it runs like a river maze in the grout across the kitchen.
Not feeling joyful at that moment!)


I'm announcing the giveaway winner on Friday,
so you have a few days left to think about your prize.
The comments have been great!
Good luck!

Hope you've enjoyed the pups- I love sharing them with you.
(And please do consider a rescue pup if you're thinking about getting a furry companion.)


  1. Ohmygosh, your fur babies are adorable, you're their angel and your photos are priceless!

  2. Tina, you have made my morning with Jack Henry, Bruce, ans Sophie pics. I cannot believe how big he has grown.

  3. oh, he's adorably cute but already SO handsome, too! my, my! a handful but so worth it! and adorable bruce, his mentor.

  4. These are all so gorgeous, but that LAST one! Be still my heart. So sweet!

  5. Your furbabies are gorgeous. Mine are affectionately called "The Puppies from H*ll". They earned it. I have a quote on my wall - Without my pets my wallet would be full, my house would be clean but my heart would be empty. So true. They fill up your life. Now if they could just learn to mow the lawn, I would be happy.

  6. Tina you made me happy and I smiled a lot with adorable Jack Henry and Bruce the magnificent! OMG poor Bruce swallowing a foot long, I would of been besides myself in fear. We have a friend who's Great Dane swallowed his cell phone. He couldn't locate it and his wife said call yourself. There is was ringing in his Dane. Rushed him to the Vet/hospital because the battery is poisonous. So glad Bruce's amazing fleet turned out OK. Oh how adorable Jack Henry is with his white markings and precious face. Our Simon cat weights 22 lbs and cuddles all night long, he a stretcher outer so I can only imagine two ... Bruce is big, bet your bed is one warm spot!

  7. I was gonna ask how Bruce likes him, but I can see the answer to that.

  8. Ohhhhh Tina so sweet of a post today on your furry babies. They do give us such joy. This post made me smile :)

  9. Tina, I am in heaven and when you said you were announcing the winner, right after you said he was peeing on the floor, I got so excited I almost peed!! I thouhgt Jack Henry was the prize!!! Oh well, maybe I'll wait until his next big, bad move..Love those babies..Happy Monday..Judy

  10. I loved reading about your pups Tina! So much fun and sooooo cute! My parents have 3 dogs that are now their children. It's so funny... they get away with way more than us kids didm.. LOL!

  11. That photo of them sleeping together is just precious! I love my pupsters, and they stay right beside me all the time. What would we do without our dogs?

  12. Oh lordy, the lion pose... I have seen that one right here at 822 in human form. I loved this precious loveable happy post. You made my day

  13. OMG too funny! JH is very regal looking in that first pic and I'm lovin' the ear shot in #8! He sure is growing fast-have fun:@)

  14. oh, the pic of them sleeping is just darling, tina! i didn't realize how much smaller they are from bailey. she's a whooping 98 pounds- after tearing her ac-it's slowed her down big timel:( love the pics!

  15. How adorable!!! Such sweet pics of sweet babies!!!

  16. So much cuteness!!! I love seeing photos of them and yes, they are extremely intelligent animals and snugglers deluxe. I totally agree about adopting rescues ~ they're so special!


  17. Awe what a wonderful way to start a day with great pics of cute pups! Cheers to you!

  18. :) Thank you for that much needed fun post. All three of your dogs are beautiful. Some days I consider adding one more four legger. We'll see how the job goes first! ;)

  19. LOVE this post!!! Your furbabies are so cute and I wish i could hug them all! Your pups and our pups have a lot in common...Spoiled!!! :)

  20. YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SOOOO cute! I love how much he idolizes Bruce. Is Sophie OK with all of this? How is Charlie doing? I love your big pack, they are alll so precious

  21. "Hi, Jack, Bruce and Sophie!" - Tag (and Bella)


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