March 24, 2016

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Good morning!
It's a beautiful spring day here after a thunderstorm during the middle of the night.
All three dogs were in bed with us- usually Sophie sleeps by my side of the bed.  
She doesn't like those wild flailing Jack legs or the fact that she might get pushed off when Bruce starts his stretching. 
So she only demands a place in the bed when it's an emergency.  
Like a storm.  
Sophie hates storms.

I didn't decorate for Easter this year, but I pulled out my spring bunny and a little World Market sheep.
 I thought I'd show you some recent finds that are sitting around needing a new home- other than my kitchen table.  

El cheapo finds, seriously.
This bottle cloche with wooden tray was a dollar.
I bought a few of them with different tops to mix and match.
I didn't need them, but I like to try new paint colors on small items like this and so I introduce to you-
It's a gray/brown lavender.
I haven't used this line of paint before but I saw it at the antique mall
and it's half the price of my usual ASCP or Maison Blanche.
The small 4 oz. container is less than 5 dollars.
No complaints here after using it.

The Mulberry has a bit of MMS antique wax on it- I like the depth it adds.

I'm not a purple girl but I think this color is beautiful...
especially with the dark wax.
I think it's a gorgeous accent to the blues and greens.
This color might convert me.

How cute are these little bunny molds?
And what will I make in them?
Jello, cakes, soap?
I found 6 at a dollar a piece.

My youngest son brought these to me...aren't they fantastic?
They are heavy and will last forever.
I have them full of petunias on the porch right now but will bring them inside once the Texas summer heat arrives.

This is the last bloom for my Lady Banks rose.It's the only surviving bush from the 2008 hurricane.     
It's being removed from the yard, but maybe I can keep her in a planter.
We'll see how the removal goes.
Goodbye, Mrs. gave it your all.

Hope you have a beautiful spring day to enjoy wherever you are!

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  1. Tina,
    I am in love with the bottle cloche-wonder if there is such a find in my neck of the woods...I feel a trip to Canton coming on.
    The bunny beside the cloche is priceless, so much character and charm.
    Mini bunny cakes out of these molds...wonderful.
    I see many a fabulous treasrue here today:)
    Thank you for sharing this goodness with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday!
    Happy Easter!

  2. What a lovely post, Tina. I'm curious - why must you remove your rose from the yard? Are you doing renovations?

    1. Yes, we are doing a major clean up in the yard. After it blooms, it will look like a scraggly weed so I decided to have it removed. A massive trumpet vine, is breaking the fence and only blooms on the back side of the fence so I can't even enjoy it. ;(

  3. As we received about 3 inches of crusty snow-ice last night I will live vicariously through your flower photos. (My bulb plants had popped up and look crabby under this mix, perhaps by next week we'll all be happy campers.)

  4. Tina, I can't believe you got the bottle cloche for a dollar. Way to go! I'm heading to the flea market with friends next weekend and I'm mentally making a little list. Hope I find some amazing prices like you have.

    Happy Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  5. Lovin' your new planters and the rose is beautiful, hope you can save her! Happy Easter Tina-enjoy:@)

  6. Where would one find a bottle cloche for a buck? Thunder storms here mean slumber party on the sofa for me and the pups. I draw the line at the bed! I hide my Lady Banksia rose in a large azalea so it does not look quite so scraggly after she blooms.

  7. Tina, I'm with Jemma. The cloche bottle is unique and the bunny standing guard is adorable. I'm glad you let him out to play. '-) Your son snagged some great planters to share with you. I'd say you raised a great guy! Happy Easter Weekend!

  8. Tina,
    your finds are so cute! Love the bunny molds and the cloches and for such great prices!
    Happy Easter!

  9. Those planters are fabulous!! I have a Lady Banks because my mom thought we should have one, but they get so scraggly.

  10. Really pretty pictures, Tina, and some great finds. Love those planters and the last pic of the Lady Banks. Sorry you have to lose her. Mine haven't even started budding yet..Happy Easter to you and family..Judy

  11. Those little bunny molds would make cute soaps...or mini cakes. I ♥♥♥ the little lamb...please tell me that you found it this year, so I can go get one!
    The pansy buckets are awesome.
    Happy Easter.

  12. Hi Tina,
    Our pets hate thunder and lightening too, oh and fireworks scare the Hell out of them. Poor Sophie getting kicked out of bed because of Jack. Love the bunny and the expression on the lamb and wow did you luck out with great finds, Talking about great those planters from your son look really cool. The Petunias look pretty in them, Have not tried the Mulberry paint but I will. Mini cakes in the bunny molds will be cute and kind of/almost/hopefully lower calories. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter and I just know you put bunny ears on the doggie kids!

  13. Oh gosh I usually pick a favorite in posts with things, but I'm not sure.....the bottle cloche, hmmm maybe the bunny molds, or those little bucket planters? I just can't decide.

  14. i held my breath thru this post, awaiting mr. scary rabbit. but i was relieved to see mr. cute sheep. :)

  15. I adore the bucket planters your son gave you, Tina! Are they old or just made to look old? Either way, they're a great addition to any garden. Your yellow roses are just gorgeous, but I know how spindly they can look after they bloom. I've been trying to get rid of one of my rose bushes but it finds its way back year after year. Those cute little bunny tins would be perfect for making soap! Great finds!

  16. I've never seen a bottle cloche. It is awesome! Love the bunny molds and those planters too! We just had a bit of an ice storm. The trees were pretty, and we were lucky to not have had a power outage. Three cats sleep with us on a regular basis in winter. The bed does get a little crowded, but they're just like hot water bottles... keeping us warm and toasty.

  17. I'm so sad for Lady Banks! I have several roses on the side of my house that are completely out of control (and they've only been there one year? two?). Your finds are fantastic. I love love love those barrel planters! They'd be perfect for the pineapple plants I have on my front porch. Except I killed them and now they're dead. This comment just took a dark turn.....


    1. Oh, and I also meant to say that even though I've said it already, I completely love your banner picture. I could stare and whinny at that all day.

  18. Beautiful blooms and fantastic finds!
    Thank you for linking up this wonderful post on Thoughts of Home on Thursday. May you have a glorious Easter!

  19. What a great bunch of finds. Those bunny molds are adorable! Thank you for posting your greens. I am suffering from plant envy as I sit looking out the window on frozen brown grass....although I do have a few tulip leaves poking through the ice. Happy Easter Tina!

  20. Still totally loving those bunny molds. They're so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous finds at Vintage Charm.

  21. The bottle cloches are really cool. All of your photographs are lovely!

  22. Hello friend computer went to the hospital and got back finally. I almost got out of the habit of typing! Hope your April is sunny and bright!!!

  23. Tina, you found some wonderful things for cheap! I came across one of those bottle cloches but they wanted 5 for it and I didn't love it 5 dollars worth. That's how I make my purchases... $=love??? I once had a lady banks and she took over. And then my husband accidentally killed her... so he says.
    I've missed visiting... life exploded around my house the past month.. hopefully getting back in the swing of things :)


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