October 11, 2016

The Giveaway- Norman Returns

Hi y'all.
As Halloween approaches, the very first thing I put out
are my Bates Motel towels.
I was always curious about nutballs Norman.
He really scared me.
I'm crazy enough to want a reminder of that fear in my home.
And I know you do, too.

Here's your chance to win a Bates Motel handtowel
for your creepy Halloween bathroom.
Oh, you wanted the room key, too?
Of course you do.
Because it's really cool with the towel.
Would I lead you astray?

To be eligible to win,
leave a comment here on the blog.
That's all.
No hoops to jump thru.

I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram
if you are so inclined, but it's not required to be eligible to win.

Winner will be selected on Friday afternoon- Oct.14- so I can get them 
in the mail to you for maximum use before Halloween.
I'll announce it here on the blog, on IG and FB.

Comment away, friends.

Mother Bates says so.

Please remember that I cannot contact you if you are a no-reply blogger.
Also, if you'd like to enter but don't blog- leave your email address in your comment or email me directly at whatwekeep@gmail.com for your entry. 
I promise not to share your email with Norman or Mother Bates.


  1. Oh goodie...How I would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Count me in! Please!

  2. One of my favorite shows! Would like to win .

  3. I LOVE it! I'm so glad you're not sharing with Norman or Mother Bates ~ You know, I think it was years before a lot of women took showers after seeing that movie. :) I always watch it if I find it as a rerun!

    Did you make the skull design too? Awesome!


    1. I did make the skeleton lady. I made her last year and rubbed her with cinnamon to grunge her up a bit.
      I don't think I'll ever see a closed shower curtain and not think of Psycho! haha

  4. Very ghoul... COOL-I meant "cool":@)

  5. You know how much I love these!!

  6. I just love this giveaway!!! It the kind of Halloween decor I like, subtle and not so in your face. Thank you for the inspiration and the giveaway.

  7. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it would be so much fun to have your giveaway. I have family over for a little lunch after the kids go Tricks or Treating, and this towel and key would really set the mood of the day. Thanks for the chance to win.


  8. This is a fun set of circumstances combined with a fine giveaway!
    I still can't take showers after dark if I am alone...!!

  9. The Bates Motel towel and key?!!! Yes!!! It would creep me out every time I took a shower! Thank goodness I have a see-through shower door, but I DO have to close my eyes to wash my hair! {Scream!} Thank you for the opportunity to win! rush88888 at gmail dot com

  10. Great movie, great TV series.

  11. Love!!! You are so talented... And a little crazy. A fun giveaway!

  12. What a great idea - love the Bates hand towel and of course, the key. Fun giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to enter. Ranee (MN) rae495@hotmail.com

  13. I would hate to mess up my giveaway winning streak.

    I would happily swap out my Angel and (youknow) towels for the Bates Motel towels this season. As a side note, I'll have you know that the ringtone that plays on my phone when my psycho sister calls is...the Psycho theme along with the screaming and everything. I think that makes me a winner right there. =D


  14. Love it. You are the bomb. Hugs to Bruuuuce, et al.

  15. I am in!!!! This is awesome. This would be so much fun to have out in my guest room bathroom lol!!!! I do follow you on instagram too. Thanks for the chance.

  16. LOL- I SWORE I was not going to sign up for any giveaways but. honestly, I can't resist this one. LOL I can just see MyHero peeking out of the shower to see if I am standing there with a knife if he would spot this towel on his towel bar. Oh! The thrill. I am in like Flynn!

    Have a GREAT Wednesday- xo Diana

  17. ps- I just checked and I follow you on Instagram although I am just now starting to use it myself.

  18. Tina, I love( NOT) Norman Bates but am fascinated. The TV show is not too bad either. Hope it comes back on. That is really a timely give-away and would make a fine addition to the Cottage Witch and her "haunted house"..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  19. I would not mind Mother Bates staying awhile - she seems to be quiet when Norman isn't around. Saw this on FB and in my email box.

  20. Oh Tina how perfect is this? Personally I think I would put it out with other like minded guests who would appreciate its uniqueness throughout the year. I love your embroidery and you bet cha I wanna win and hey I enjoy and look forward to your posts on IG and well girlfriend you totally rock! Oh yeah so does Jack and Bruce!

  21. I would feel so guilty if I win since I've won in the past. I hope so much I get to feel guilty.

  22. I would love this. So perfectly creepy. xo Laura

  23. I absolutely love this. I never win anything but you're amazing for giving the chance to win that amazing stuff. My email: elisabethsantamaria99@gmail.com

  24. Tina,
    what a relief, now when I check out of Bates Motel on the 31st, I won't have to stuff their towels in my suitcase and sneak out with the key if I'm lucky enough to win! You do realize that if I don't, you are putting my life in danger, I don't think Norman will take kindly to me absconding with his towels and key!! Would not like to wake up with him hiding in my shower and Mother sitting in my rocker!
    PS. I have found you on insta and am now following! I just recently started there and am enjoying the ease of it all. Would love for you to follow me too at walnut_and_vine.
    I'm gonna try to blog more, hope you are too. Also, love the Skull lady!!


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