October 27, 2011

Antique Baby Carriage

I waited for the price to drop on this and was so happy that I got it.
It's in such good shape and will look so spooky loaded with pumpkins or creepy babies for Halloween.
Not that I have any creepy babies. 
 I do have a small statue that scares the crap-ola out of my 22 yr. old son.

He calls her moldy girl and has threatened to throw her over the fence if I don't take her away.
Being the prankster I am, I have giggled to myself about the fun I'd have if I stood her at the foot of his bed.

His older brother suggests that it would be great fun to take moldy girl up to college and leave her in little brother's apartment.

Yeah, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

Insert evil laugh here.

I've been on a roll lately with my "baby finds"...
you've seen the high chair and now the carriage.
I will post about the chippy blue iron bed very soon!

So I ask you this- leave the carriage as is or paint it?  I need to seal it at the very least so it doesn't get old peeling paint all over the place.  I've cleaned it, but
I don't want to diminish it's value.

Any suggestions from you antique gals that do restoration?

Hmmm....what to do?

Can you help a sista out?


  1. you are scary, girlie! torturing your son like that! :)

  2. That's a beauty. I have an old one too. The insides of that one was orginally covered with deep, padded tufted "walls"..and so was the inside of the hood. I think it would be perfect with Mouldy girl to scare the bejeepers out of that boy! What fun! (Yes! I tend to be a bit sick like you are)!

    How about a really scary BABY in there? You know-one of the ones with the big staring eyes...

    What a fun find! xo Diana

  3. I say leave it as it is! Put moldy girl inside and have a grand old time!!!

  4. What a find. That would look cute filled with pumpkins and moldy girl. LOL
    My daughter (23) is scared of a rag doll my grandmother made me. I have it in a glass case and she said it gives her the creeps. I told her she could have it when she gets married, but she refuses to even look at it. LOL

  5. I think old baby dolls are really creepy too! Us twenty-somethings can probably all agree: 80's and 90's were good for making baby dolls come alive in movies! I think that's probably why.

  6. Bahaha!!! You're hilarious - I think I need to get some scary things to scare my kids, too ;)

  7. It's totally gorgeous!!! I just got one a few months ago and I love it too!!! I don't know how to preserve them...but, hopefully, one of our blogging friends will know.

    Over here, we're taking one day at a time and hoping that all goes well!

  8. Dear, dear Tina,

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL blog you have! Thank you kindly for your comments and isn't it fun to be creative? What would we do without that outlet. Enjoy a relaxing weekend with those you love. Anita

  9. Moldy girl freaks me out! I think you should definitely put it at the end of your sons bed. That is something I would do ;) I once made a ventrilaquist doll for Halloween that creeped everybody out so I put it in a coworkers chair so that when she pull the chair out, screams. That thing went around the whole office. love it! The baby carriage is beautiful!


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