October 28, 2011

Moldy Girl

Poor Moldy Girl isn't feeling the love.

She's not so scary.  Unless you're a sissy.  ;  )


  1. Tina- I kinda like Moldy Girl myself. She's got CHARACTER! I have a Moldy Cherub boy that might make a good boyfriend for her...if she can get past the slime! xo Diana

  2. she is interesting. and yes sort of scary, so i must be a sissy :) but it is the season right!!
    is she in your garden??

  3. Being deathly allergic to mold Moldy Girl is plenty scary to me! But the photo is gorgeous and quite haunting. Yes I went there.

  4. Moldy girl........I love it! Hey, Happy Halloween, you're in my post :)devon


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