September 16, 2012

Brown Sugar

You are looking at a squirrel made of brown sugar.
Isn't this the cutest?
You all know that I am squirrelly about squirrels.
I just received this candy/chocolate mold in the mail and it's so much larger than I expected.
It's big!
Approx. 8X9.
He's going to be a fun addition to my Thanksgiving table.
And most likely, way before then. ;)

You can order one from Fancy Flours here.
They even provide the recipe and instructions
on the website.
Cute packaging, too.

I got this catalog for the first time and loved so many things.
Really adorable decorative edibles and glitters, fun kitchen towels and 
Corgi cookie cutters, of course!

Disco Dust Miami Orange, 2 gram jarPumpkin Harvest Sack TowelCookie Cutter Corgi TinCookie Cutter Animal Horse Stamping Stainless Steel
Not a paid/gifted endorsement...just passing on fun stuff.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend~


  1. your 'skirl' is too cute! :) or should i say sweet... :)

  2. I would never have known that squirrel was made of brown sugar if you haven't told us; it looks adorable! I'm sure it will make a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving table and in the days leading up to it!! And who can resist a corgi cookie cutter?


  3. The brown sugar squirrel is adorable! I love the cookie cutters too. Wonder if they have pugs. ;) Thanks for passing this on Tina. I love baking accouterments and cookie cutters are kind of a vice.

  4. That adorable squirrel looks like a fuzzy soft stuffed animal! I would never have guessed he was edible!

  5. That is so cute! I Love squirrels! I didn't realize you liked them so much as well.:)
    This would make such a unique gift!

  6. Tina,
    the squirrel is adorable, love the glittery look of the brown sugar! He will look wonderful with your fall and winter decorations, would never have known it was edible! Love the horse cookie cutter, everything they have sounds fantastic! Know you will have fun playing around with it all!
    PS. Kailyn is growing like a little weed! She's up from 5 lbs 6ozs to 9lbs 8ozs, still small for being 7wks according to the Dr. but doing well and cute as a bug!
    Will post a pic soon!

  7. That squirrel is too cute. What an adorable idea for your Thanksgiving table.


  8. Oh my goodness that is the cutest squirel! I have a squirel nutcracker. Do you have one of those? It is my most favorite thing to bust out in the fall - little guy chomping on all the nuts. Thanks for sharing such a fun website :)

  9. Well I never! Isn't that the cutest! Whodathunk to make something out of brown sugar like that. Maybe I'm just behind the times. I love it though!


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