September 18, 2012

Fall My Way

We've had a little glimmer of autumn this week.
Not enough to pull out the big wreaths or the Halloween things yet,
but enough to inspire me to start the process of some seasonal changes here in my home.

I have tons of old copper, but this lid had no companion.
It's always hung on a wall somewhere.
I hot glued it into a wreath I already had,
then added some metal acorns that my friend gave me a few years ago.
I love the look of it and it only took a few minutes to get a simple, but unique look.

I'm pulling out a few embroidered pieces, 
but still working on the removal of the summer things.

The rosemary needs replanting, as does much of the backyard , due to Bruce.
Now known around here as:

He's claimed that chair as his own....  
I bought it to recover in this gorgeous blue.

You can probably guess that it's not going to happen until 
Bruce and our son move to their new place in a few more months.

Sophie is dreaming of that moment...the poor girl is exhausted from trying to avoid him.

Enjoy the cooler weather wherever you are!
Change is in the air.

It's punkin' time.

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  1. You KNOW it's punkin time!

    My best friend accused me of "hitting Halloween in the balls WAY too early this year!" and she thought it was due to Brad's impending surgery- like I was headed to my happy place-- far too early, I guess.

    LOVE the copper wreath! LOVE Bruce's love of your chair. Curtis fell in love with a cool midcentury modern chair that was Brad's grandma's. Very cool, great lines. Very ugly fabric. He's taken it as his own, so for now, there's no real point in recovering it like I'd planned.

    Sophie reminds me of Daisy last year after we brought Curtis home. Just wanting to be left the hell alone and stressed and tired. :-(

    We survived the surgery. Brad was in rare form post anesthesia. I've never seen him like it. Kind of hilarious and ..I ended up apologizing to a lot of his nurses. A lot of "WHAT is going on here?!" coupled with pulling oxygen tubes out of his nose, etc.

    Good times.




  2. i like the metal acorns on the copper. and i adore silly bruce!

  3. Poor Sophie! I hope Bruce's stay will be finishing soon so Sophie can reclaim what is rightfully hers. I like your decorations; I do hope fall is a great one for you! We don't get too much fall weather here in Southern California or leaves changing so it is nice to read about the changing of the seasons in other's blogs :)


  4. Love that copper lid for an autumn welcome! I think you are going to secretly miss that dog when it's gone. Woof. Woof.

  5. Tina,
    you are so clever! The copper lid looks great against the brown of the twigs and the acorns are the perfect finishing touch! Hopefully Sophie will be able to hold on to the big exit of Bruce! The weather here has cooled a tad I've had fall out for a week or so now and am enjoying it very much! Sept. is flying by!!

  6. That's it. I'm getting out all my pumpkin stuff tomorrow. I may even take pictures so you can see how inferior an artistic eye I have. Seriously. You need to fix my house. And my eye.

  7. Cute with the towel and copper top. Always love to mix textures, styles and colors and just meld together.

    The squirrel would be perfect if you could seal it and place that in a wreath some how. I just love that mold.

    Cotton Peony

  8. A pot-wreath... Not gonna elaborate.hehehe...

    Poor, she's a cute punkin'!

  9. What a gorgeous wreath! If I saw it in a store I would buy it! And that! I love the material you're going to cover it with. Are you having someone cover it or are you doing it yourself? I feel for Sophie...BIG hugs to her! Bruce is a cutie! :)

  10. Fun how you put the copper lid with the wreath. So creative. If I ever get around to decorating for Fall, it probably won't be until October 1st when the pumpkin patch at local church opens, but I sure do enjoy seeing what you've done. Punkin' time indeed!

  11. These photos are gorgeous. I'm so looking forward to Fall; my favorite season. When I look at the wreath and the pumpkin, I can practically smell the spice, cinnamon, cider. El Diablo - HaHaHa! Sly Bruce. Hang in there Sophie!

  12. Now that is one beautiful wreath! I collected copper years ago and then packed it all away! I should get it back's perfect for fall!

  13. I love your copper wreath. What a clever idea and a great way to repurpose something old. I need to get busy on fall decorating, but my sister is coming from Arizona tomorrow for a couple of days so it will have to wait.


  14. I love that copper lid and the wreath! I haven't done much fall decorating yet either. We had a few days of cooler temps and I was so in the mood. Now we've returned to the 90's and that's not fun!


  15. Oh I have been so hot (well not me personally) that I put out fall early just one cool breeze and I was changing the door wreath and more. As for that copper lid, perfection. Recycled to a better place. Let the cool breezes blow.

  16. Ah Bruce exhausts more than Sophie!!! lol

  17. Greetings from DC, Tina ~
    Wonderful to find you, Sophie and Bruce (although I understand he is moving soon, haha)! Thanks for your recent visit. And what a cool idea to hang your copper lid!! I love the mellow sheen....very autumnal!

  18. Have fun with your chair, Tina! Your house looks great with your fall decor.

  19. i had to laugh about your garden needing replanted--we have a little bit of that going on over here with bailey:) beautiful fall wreath, tina!


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