October 1, 2012

How Embarrassing

The beginning of the end...when we needed to be saved from countless tiring steps.

SW Bell Telephone ad from 1929.
From the Directory of Women's Organizations
Houston, Texas Chapter

If only phone etiquette were still a part of our world.  sigh.

This little book is full of funny ads.
I'll be sharing more of them.

Have a great week and I'm so glad you came by.


  1. Hilarious!

    What would the 2012 version of this ad be?

    "Ways to politely never answer a call by just simply sending a text?"

    "Why it's hard to discern tone from a text message and what you can do?"

    "In real life, it's okay to use full and real words in actual conversations instead of saying LOL or WAT or WTF. Just use those on your sprint phone!"

    Can't wait to see more of the ads! The women's ads from that era for home cleaning and such always get me down!



  2. Telephone etiquette?!!! Most people don't even know what it means anymore!!

    Great old advertisement!

  3. this made me laugh! now our phone calls are in front of everyone and everywhere! eek!

  4. I can remember having a party line when I was a little girl. Those were fun. I don't think there is much phone etiquette today.


  5. I too remember party lines when I was growing up. I could easily get by without a phone; was just talking with hubby yesterday how people don't have to take their cell phones with them at all times, I remember the good old days when we actually went to a movie and didn't hear cell phones going off all around us. Those were the good old days LOL.

    How cute with the ad though!


  6. I was about to say exactly what TexWisGirl said. Such irony that it was once considered embarrassment to answer the phone in the presence of house guests and now the most personal of phone conversations can be involuntarily heard in the middle of the cereal aisle at Target with zero embarrassment from the caller. It makes me blush a little though. We've come a long way, baby. Or have we? ;)

  7. Love this! I can't stand hearing someone talk very loudly on their cell phones, almost like they want everyone to listen. October 2nd was my grandma's birthday and she was born in 1929. :)
    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  8. That is too hysterical!

  9. I was born in the wrong era. This is great!!

  10. At least many of us can still remember when there was such etiquette. Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to seeing the others.


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