October 4, 2012

SophieLou's Punkin'Chews

 Sophie is a girl who loves her treats.
She's also a girl who gets tummy aches.
To put it delicately, she gets a little "backed up", if you know what I mean.
And since the arrival of El Diablo, she's a little more so than ever.

Plain pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix!) always works wonderfully.
I have a hard time getting Sophie to eat plain pumpkin, but she'll eat it with a little greek yogurt mixed in.
Bruce and Henry? No way.  
It had better moo or cockle doodle do to get their attention.
They love these treats and I'm able to sneak in the good stuff.
Win, win.
The recipe is my own variation of the other recipes out there, but I know what she'll eat and what she won't.
I don't use flour or anything with sugar.
Organic almond butter has no added sugar.
If you make your own, even better.
Lots of you are up to your noses in pumpkins right now, so making your own fresh puree would be great.
The next batch I'll add grated carrots and parsley.
Experiment with veggies and see what your dog likes.
Our dogs get a lot of fresh cooked meals of rice and chicken and veggies.
I haven't done it as much lately because Bruce loses his mind when he smells his dinner cooking.
He knows the difference somehow.  Maybe because there's no jalapeno. ;)  We eat spicy.

All ingredients are vet approved and healthy for your fur babies.
No sugar, no preservatives.
Remember, everything in moderation.
Not intended for meal replacement or human consumption.
Though these were accidentally tested on a human.  Sort of.
Oh, gosh Case.  Did ya think those were cookies?

 No more worrying about toxic treats from the store?  It's a good thing.
(Oops, I Martha'd you.)

Enjoy your weekend!
Sophie, Henry and Bruce
They're woofin' good!


  1. cute babies - even if one of them is a bit finicky! :)

  2. Sophie is so cute as are the other pups in your house! Those pumpkin treats of hers look interesting too! Koda's been known to have a sensitive stomach, stress colitis. We have given him pumpkin to bulk up his food at times to help keep things under control. However, there was that one time we accidentally got the Libby pumpkin mix used for pumpkin pies......that was not pretty...... :)

    have a good weekend!


  3. Very interesting! My corgi has no eating problems...yet!! But I'll save this one just in case!

  4. Tina..

    great recipe you crazy gal!

    Jack (our wee teacup yorkie) can't have gluten.. so treats are very hard to find. Great recipe!!! NO wheat, rye or barley at all.


    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  5. Now those are some pampered fur babies!! heehee. What was the verdict on the human taste test?

  6. That last photo made me smile! So cute!!! I'll make these for my pups. I make oatmeal, brown rice, chicken and veggies for our pups. :)

  7. I'm laughing at the last picture! So funny and cute. Do you have to have a fuzzy butt to eat these? They look good!

  8. The human taste tester was not amused and promptly spit it into the trash can.
    He's getting the human version tonite. :)

  9. Good Lawd, you are funny!

    The pic of Sophie..soo darling. What a cute, cute dog. And the pic of all three dogs saying/thinking various things: priceless! "Squirrel!" made me LOL. That is Curtis but you could substitute "leaf!" or "garbage!" or "marmot!"

    Thanks for the recipe, too! I've tried to get our dogs to eat pumpkin when they have issues, but they're both too picky. I'll try this!

    As always, super cute photos! Bruce's face looks puffy, tired and cute!

    Hope you're feeling better. :-)



  10. I LOVE the first photo Tina. I would frame that and hang it in my house. I think I will. Sophie is so sweet, I want to hug her through the screen. Oh, the Fuzz Butt food bowl? I love that too. I have one like it that says "Rock Star". I was going to give it to a musician friend who goes by the name of Dog Bowl, but I ended up keeping it and filling it with rocks. ;)

  11. Squirrel...hahaha, that's hilarious! I always thing of Doug in the movie "Up"


  12. My dogs would roll over and giggle with delight if we made them some of these. Actually they would probably faint. It has been forever and a day since I baked them anything...lol!

    Fuzz Butt. Love it!

  13. My Tibetan Terriers, Panda and Mocha, want to come hang out with the gang. Do you have any more room, Tina? :)

  14. My dogs would be very jealous if they knew all the doggie baking that was going on at your house! LOL!!

  15. I can't wait to try this. My bullie LOVES both pumpkin and banana, so these should be right up his alley. Plus he's rather...ahem...chubby, so I love any treat that I can break into tiny portions! :)


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