October 12, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

You don't want a chicken dinner?
You want a big fat prize package?

Okay, okay.

Gwen blogs at The Bold Abode

Congrats, Gwen!
I'll email you with a few questions in a bit.
I'm going to get a hamburger, fries and a smoothie
to fuel up for all the hard work I'm going to have to do for you.

The hamburger and my fixin's are no joke, though.

Bold Girl, you may expect a box of awesome from me soon.

I'll post photos of  Gwen's goodies when they are completed.

Thanks everyone for entering!
xxx, Tina


  1. congrats to your winner! gee, that burger sounds good, too!

  2. Congratulations to Gwen! I'm anxious to see what you come up with for her prize!

    Enjoy your juicy burger. :@

  3. Congrats to Gwen!
    I'll be eating a burger tomorrow! LOL!!

  4. Congrats to the winner! My gosh, now I want a burger!! I bet your's was delicious!



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