October 11, 2012

All By Myself and a Reminder

 Autumn came and went in the space of 48 hours this week.
I took the opportunity to have wedding soup for one that evening.
My men were traveling, so I worked on a few projects and then sat down to a quiet meal.
No iPad.  No Pinterest.
I'm all about the bread.

Hot bread and olive oil with dipping spices.

 Vintage embroidered linen napkin.

Citrus tea.

And a  sleepy, snuggly dinner companion.

Bruce sleeps in the bed with our son~ he has done that since the day Casey got him.
I'm not sure who was more traumatized that Casey was gone for two nights.
(Bruce was fine.)

He was the perfect sleepover guest.
No snoring.  No talking in his sleep.  No restless legs.
Just a sweet, warm cuddle buddy.
We'll see how he takes it when hubby returns this time.
(A few of you know about the "terrible awful".)

Don't forget that the giveaway ends tomorrow evening.
I'll choose a winner with a random number generator 
and announce it after 9:00.

See you tomorrow night~ Good luck!


  1. you were killing me with the bread and olive oil! ugh!

  2. What a lovely evening you must have had! Just the kind I like. Did you make the soup? If you did, do share the recipe - it looks very yummy.

  3. I'm all about the bread too. And the dogs. ;)

  4. Yum! I just had dinner with my mom at Panera and gobbled up some of their delicious bread. Your dinner is the perfect dinner for one!

  5. One of my favorite statements I say a lot is "I've never met a bread I didn't like". This bread looks delicious and the olive oil! An added benefit! Glad the dog was a great sleeping companion and it does sound like he didn't hog the bed!


  6. Did you make your wedding soup yourself? I have tried to make it, but I am not quite Italian enough, I guess.

  7. That bread looks amazing... like European, even...

    No freaking dogs in my bed. Well, not 110lb ones anyway! Can't do nuthin' bout the cat, though...

  8. Tina, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now your newest follower. :) That bread looks absolutely devine, and Bruce is just precious! Nothing better than a warm snuggly puppy in the colder months, is there? ~Heather

  9. Your dinner looks divine! I love bread!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

  10. Good Lord, Bruce is cute! Is his fur really soft? he is just..adorable.

    Thanks for making me ravenous! Damned you! Now I want wedding soup which I don't know where to get or how to make- and it looks like I may go and pick up a whole baguette and scarf it ALONE for lunch!

    I do recall the Terrible Awful! He's probably sorry and has moved on by now..I always wonder with our dog Daisy "do you RECALL peeing on our bed in 2008 Kid?"



  11. Bruce is pretty big....I can see him spreading out all over the bed! I love soup and bread.....perfect comfort food for me.
    Take care,

  12. Something about your blog makes me feel warm and cozy! Kinda like walking into my moms living room in need of some comfort.
    Like I want to curl up on your couch and have a bowl of soup with you.

    I was too late for your giveaway, but thank you for inviting me when you commented on my post.

  13. I love Bruce- glad he behaved

  14. You're a woman after my own heart Tina! I LOVE bread!! everything here looks so Autumnal and cosy - De-lish!!


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