December 8, 2012

Christmas in July- Favorite Things

Unexpected events this weekend kept me from completing a Christmas craft for the party.
To save the day, I'm filling in with this post from the 2012 holidays.
(It's a public service announcement for all you ladies that didn't get to order a bay wreath last year.)

Christmas wouldn't be the same for me if I didn't have a few of my favorite things.
The smell of the fresh bay leaf wreath and a pot of simmering wassail on the stove
make for the beginning of the Christmas season in our home.

The bay wreath has started to dry and we'll use the dried leaves in our meals all year long.
I think the wreath delivery is my favorite box to's so aromatic and smells like Christmas to me.

The vintage linens were embroidered by me years ago and are my favorite napkins for Christmas.

If you're interested, you'll be able to get delivery of a bay leaf wreath thru Williams Sonoma.
Look for them around Halloween- you can choose your delivery week.
I usually get mine delivered before Thanksgiving.

The mulling spices are wonderful for wassail or mulled wine.
I also use mine with a few sliced lemons to fill the house with the smells of deliciousness.
Yes, that's a word. ; )
Just simmer on low with plenty of water.
And don't forget about it and burn your pot.
That is not a smell of deliciousness.
Trust me, I know.

These things go fast after Thanksgiving, so mark your calendars to order early.
Before Turkey Day.
Enjoy your favorites during this time and do what brings you happiness and peace.
These are certainly two of those things for me.

Happy Christmas! in July.

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