December 2, 2012


I interrupt your holiday decorating for an important PSA regarding
 a collapse in my world as I know it.
My 'oldies but goodies' are aware that I have a thing for Froot Loops.
I kicked my addiction to this happy bowl of sugar last summer and 
have been eating organic grains and other 'good for me' stuff.

On a recent trip to Target, I had a relapse.  
I wrestled the last box of Froot Loops from an unsuspecting 9 year old
 in the throes of a losing argument with his mother over his cereal selection.
Sorry, kid.
Sucks to be you.
Perks of semi-adulthood are good. 

So, while I was enjoying my frooty loops and looking at the 517 catalogs that arrived that day...
I came upon a disturbing site in my spoon.
That's right.  
An UN-looped froot!


In all my days of bingeing on the looped froot, I have never seen this travesty.
Not cool, Kellogg's.
I bought loops and I want loops.
Enough said.
You may now return to your tinsel and tangle.


  1. thanks for the laugh!

    and i love medea. :)

  2. Well, we all fall off the wagon on occasion :)

    Thanks for the giggle!!

  3. Kind of like finding out the REAL man behind the mask once you get married!...not that I would know anything about THAT-ahem- xo Diana

  4. Hehehe. If you turn it rightside up and over, I think it's a "T". You've probably won a huge prize. Did you check the back of the box?

    Oh, oh. You didn't already EAT it, did you?

    You did.

  5. You know me well, Vickie. Of course I ate it! It tasted like old cotton candy that is flattened out in the bag like cardboard. Don't ask why I know how that tastes. I have inspected the box. No prize. I was robbed.

  6. You crack me up! Listen, you were doing that kid and his mama a favor. Just lookin' out for his well being.
    Times are a changin', T. In the days of our youth, we could rely consistent Loop-iness. Nowadays? Not so much. It's a crap shoot. I feel sorry for kids today. Sucks to be them. ;)

  7. LOL!! Definitely a counterfiet infiltrated your box of Loops!!! Thanks for the Sunday evening laugh!


  8. OH, my word. I am off the loops too... I'm out of the loop, under looped and always, always a bit loopy!


  9. Lucky Charms is my bad "go to" cereal that I know will slowly kill me one day... and Fruity Pebbles the interest of full disclosure.

    An UN looped Froot? Jigga huh? Do you think it was instant karma due to your grabbing said box away from 9 year old kid?


    Thanks for making me laugh.

    Kashi cereals can kiss my behind. I find them to be terrible!

  10. You don't suppose it's an omen, do you? I couldn't bear it if we were to lose Froot Loops. Not after the heartbreak of my lost Ding Dongs....

  11. uh oh...better save the full ones in a necklace

  12. You must have been sending weird messages via blog land because on that very exact same day, I asked my husband to bring me a box of Fruit Loops home! I hid them and have been eating them in secret so the children won't see them and steal them....perhaps a trip to Fruit Loops detox center is in order???


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