October 11, 2013

Sale for Will and Grace

Thanks for the orders so far!

Sale will end @ 10PM Saturday Oct 12

Thanks for hanging in there with me- this was very last minute!

They'll be on the cover of American Dog Magazine thanks to so many of you who voted for them.

These are for Kathi, Will and Grace's hero, but can be ordered for $15 apiece.
Names can be changed.
Email me for info.

Pittie dishtowels!

Bee Towels~ I have one of each color, but can make more if interested.

I can make these on white, also.  Thread color may be changed on request.

Items have been removed as sold.
Only orders being taken now...thanks!

Email me if you see anything you like and stop back by this evening...please.

Thanks for helping Will and Grace!
Read my post about them HERE


  1. Thanks, Tina. Looking forward to receiving your works of art!

  2. 1Taupe Acorn Towel please and thank you ma'am!! I love all of it! Jealous that Deneen scored the sugar sacks!

  3. Oooh, you have a bit of everything wonderful! And your sense of humor really shines through, Tina. :)

  4. I set Bates towels and of course a DT Abbey napkin!!

  5. oh, tina, i just read this--can i have a bee towel? wait, i'll email you:) you rock, btw:)

  6. Hi this is Kathi,
    I am lucky enough to be the one that rescued Will & Grace. I picked them up from law enforcement on Feb 7th & just celebrated their 8 month freedom birthday this past week. It has been quite a journey! Not only was I able to save these sweet pups from years of abuse, but I have also met the most amazing people, like Tina. I had never met her, until she contacted me through FB. She said she wanted to help! She told me that she wished she could take them home, but since she can't, she wanted to do a fundraiser for them. I assume she found out that I pay $38 a day to board them, because she told me that she wanted to do fundraiser to raise money for their boarding & other expenses. I have fundraisers periodically and it is a lot of work. But Tina told me I didn't have to do anything at all, that she would take of everything herself. I see that she has volunteers that are helping her and it appears that some items have been sold.I just want to Thank Tina and all of you from the bottom of my heart. If you are buying something, I just want you to know that your money could not go to a better cause!
    Even though these amazing doggies have every right to dislike human beings, they don't! They love everybody!! They have the sweetest disposition! What they say about Pit Bulls is true! And that is that they are so forgiving, and bounce right back from the trauma that humans put them through. It has been difficult emotionally because of the fear that crops up in my head...that someone might not adopt them and then what will I do? But I will keep doing what I have been doing and would do it again in a second if the opportunity arises. These sweet pups have taught me so much about forgiveness and unconditional love. It has been a life changing experience!I love that I have had the privilege of meeting people like Tina. I have made friends all over the world because of Will & Grace. If you haven't read their story or seen their pics or silly videos, please check them out at: facebook.com/savewillgrace
    Thank to everyone for your support<3 Will, Grace, & Kathi

  7. Kathi- you're amazing! I don't even know how you do it as it must be overwhelming- but your fortitude inspires me everyday!


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