January 6, 2014

Visiting Friends

 Or maybe I should have titled this post "Why I Haven't Finished Anything".
Skirl Girl is too cute.

Buford T. Justice is always policing the tree.

He and JBird don't seem to mind that the squirrels have come.

When Little Skirl showed up with Skirl Girl...forget it.
I've been watching the fun outside my window and not much else.

It's getting to be a pretty popular hang out.

This guy and his brother are troublemakers and toss bird seed everywhere digging for sunflower seeds.

I love watching them.

Squirrel Pilates?

I dorked out this afternoon making a squirrel house out of a basket.
I'm going to hang it in the tree tomorrow and see if there are any takers.
I'll keep you posted.

And I think I have some window cleaning to do if I'm going to have visitors every day.

Stay warm and safe, everyone!


  1. A feeder can be so entertaining! I love watching the squirrels-enjoy:@)

  2. You have a lot of action going on outside your windows! Love the critters, especially the first shot of the squirrel. They have so much curiosity and are so cute.

  3. you have gray squirrels! all we have are fox.

  4. Those blue jays will usually run the squirrels off. Need to get my feeders back up. xo Laura

  5. Very fun pictures! I wish I could get birds to eat from our bird feeder, but they don't seem to see it...or maybe they see the cats even better or something!

  6. Aww! Curtis does something similar to the squirrel pilates every morning!

    I just put suet outside for the brave birds that have stayed in Minnesota during this frozen hell. We've got rabbits that live under our back porch. I am heading out tomorrow (it's just too cold today) to get some hay for them. I feel bad for every outdoor creature!

  7. Love your visitors! when making a squirrel home, just make sure there's an entrance and an exit due to predators. Basically you want the holes to be where they can run in and straight out the other side, just line it up. Also, the holes are high so because they like deep homes so they can nest way below the entrance so babies don't fall out and it's more difficult for predators. :) Just trying to help. :) I love your picture window!

  8. Darn it! When I saw the title, I thought you were comging to visit! LOL! I don't think you dorked out...I'm kind of interested to see what they think of your basket!

  9. Oh! I love it. Isn't it fun to watch the interaction between all the birds/squirrels/rabbits (no reaction from them). When we used to have kitties they would be pressed against the window trying to "supervise" - xo Diana

  10. If you put out food, they will come. :) Lots of activity out your window, Tina! I like that you've named all your visitors.

    The squirrels must be hibernating from the cold in our area. I haven't seen one for weeks, but I know they'll be back for apple season. Rascals!

  11. What wonderful entertainment! I love watching the birds & squirrels too. I feel so at peace watching them. It's very relaxing.
    Happy New Year!

  12. How fun! Love these photos!

  13. Your photos are beautiful. I love watching the squirrels in my back yard, and I have a special place in my heart for the cardinals who nest here every year. When I built my little mother-in-law's house, I had to cut down the nandina bushes they always raised their babies in, and I was afraid they'd leave, but they're still here!

  14. we would have so much fun at each other's houses!

  15. Maybe if my squirrels did Pilates I could join them and get in shape.

  16. You've been doing what I've been doing! I am loving the cardinals because we did not have them in CA. We have four that visit every morning. And boy, do we have squirrels galore! I love this kind of "people" watching!

  17. OMG these are awesome! You are an incredible photographer. :)



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