October 31, 2015


It's a windy day on this Friday before Halloween- look who ended up in the pool.
I'm melting, I'm melting! comes to mind.

 I saved her broom...I might need it later if mine runs out of gas.

This evil creature met the wrong end of a big rock when I saw him on the patio.
I don't do snakes.  Large, medium or small...I don't do snakes.
 He sat in the dried up birdbath and now he's not so scary.  Maybe.

Clearly you can tell from the size of this thing that I was nearly killed?

(Saturday Python update: the dead flat snake was blown away in the storm last night. 
I searched for him, but one of the frogs probably grabbed him up for a snack.) 

Wicked Wandering Witch has been moved away from the pool.
Jack doesn't care for her.
We are about to have some nasty weather, so she's been taken into the garage.

Boss man's sign, too.

My cinnamon ghost, embroidered onto a dropcloth scrap, grunged up a bit
with coffee and cinnamon sticks for hanging, and stuffed into a cotton boll wreath.
Not very scary but it smells good!

She can stay in the yard.
Remember HER?

The first comment with her correct name wins a personalized 
Turkey Day kitchen towel.
Woo hoo!

What's Sophie doing?  Is that her vampire face?
I ate too much pumpkin Chobani, she says.

 I can't stop myself from taking pics of her like this.

I'm off to the store before the next storm rolls in...Dorotheeeeeee!

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe evening.

Now bring on the chocolate!


  1. Hahaha! You were fast, sleeping princess! You win, you win!

  2. Love that grinning pup! Stay safe with all the rain. We are cowering in the back of the house to avoid Halloweeners. We save the chocolate for ourselves. I thought the witch was supposed to be in the pool until I read the post.

  3. That darned Jo! lol
    What a fun post though!!! I love all your pictures and I do NOT do snakes either. ugh...I stepped on one with my bare foot one time when I was a kid- a big black snake and liketa died!
    Hope you have a wonderful night and not too much of a storm. xo Diana

  4. I'm glad the wicked witch went away from the pool.My kind don't like water you know!! One thing I do know I wish my teeth were as white as Sophie's. That wouldn't be very witch like though would it? Have a wonderful Halloween my dearie and stay away from all that candy. One for you, one for me. Can't wait until 8:00 PM to turn off the lights and the feasting will begin..Happy Halloween..Tell all the howling dogs that Little Kai said howllo..Judy

  5. Lots of scary fun! The witch in the pool looks fitting. I love Sophie's vampire face! ~Ann

  6. I'm laughing out loud at Sophie's vampire impersonation! What nice white teeth she has!

    I'd be jumping out of my skin if that statue was in my yard! And ditto for the snake. Eeek! You've got lots of frightful things happening in your yard this Halloween Eve. Stay inside and lock all your doors please!

    Cute ghost embroidery!

  7. Lots of fun here Tina. Love your pups vampire pose!!! Happy Halloween.

  8. Too funny about the witch ending up in the pool! I love your embroidery ghost, that really turned out neat:@)

  9. I think I will collect snakes all summer and put them in the dehydrator for the most realistic creepy crawly decorations ever. I hate snakes! And your witch, I love her, and pinning your sign. Also hope you didn't blow away with your Texas weather, but I am concerned your broom has gas.

  10. Tina,
    wOw how did I miss this spooky fun post? I love your witch silhouette and would love to find one and mount her up on the roof. Your dogs expression cracked me up. Sad to say goodbye to Halloween 2015, it's been fun.

  11. You wickedly funny woman! Hope you had a good weekend. I love moldy girl! How creepy!

  12. you always make me laugh! you have a way with words! :) I don't do snake...yuck! love the witch in the pool, it made for awesome photos! your Sophie is beautiful even as a little vampire..lol her teeth are so clean!
    happy fall to you, sweet lady!


  13. Tina,
    what scary things have taken up residence in your backyard! Between moldy girl, scary witches, creepy snakes and vampire dog, you best not wander out doors! I don't do snakes either, they are the one thing that really freaks me out! When Chris was a baby and we lived in a big old farmhouse in NC, I had a 6 ft black snake in my entry way. We had a 2 hr stare down, me and Chris in a chair at the other end of the hall till my husband got home to get him out. I was afraid if I took my eyes off him he would slither away and wouldn't be found. If that had happened, I'd have had to move!
    Hope your Halloween was a good one and that the weather gets better!
    PS. if you haven't checked, I sent you an e-mail with photos of my little trick or treaters, but did add a couple to the end of my post.

  14. Haha Looks like you had a fantastic Halloween. Love it all but I have to say that sign is awesome! Vampire pup is just an added bonus. Cheers.

  15. That is such a great post! Glad that snake is gone..I hate those things!! Hope you had a wickedly wonderful weekend!! Hugs!!

  16. I'm so glad you escaped that snake!! That was a close call! ;) Enjoyed reading, I had some giggles. :)


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