November 16, 2015

Birds and Acorns

In my Halloween post, I had a quickie giveaway to be awarded to the first person 
able to identify the statue that my son refers to as Moldy Girl.
Jo responded immediately and won her choice of a custom kitchen towel.
She loves birds and wanted some natural colors- this is her towel!
Enjoy, Jo!

I'm throwing in a few velvet acorns, too.
I sat down to watch a movie last week and made these 
with acorn caps from my home town.
I'm hoping to get some items posted for sale next week...
machine problems have really put a kink in my plans.
Have a great week!



  1. Tina those velvet acorns are adorable. That is one thing we do not have around here is acorns. Love that you used real acorn tops. Congrats to Jo. Have a great new week ahead.

  2. Yay for Jo...those birds are precious!!

  3. Oh, I love those velvet acorns. So pretty! I'm amazed that you used real acorn tops. Congratulations to Jo. Those birds are so sweet.

  4. Cute little acorns. What a great idea.

    The bird towel is adorable.

  5. She must be thrilled with her pretty little bird adorned towels and velvet acorns, too! I hope your machine problems are fixed so you can keep your creative juices flowing. Those acorns are so darn cute!

  6. Tina, congrats to Jo for her win. That is the sweetest towel and love the acorns. What a cute idea..Happy Week to you..Judy

  7. Congrats to Jo! Love those acorns. They are just so cute.
    Hope you can get your machine fixed soon. I need to get busy with my own machine soon. xo Diana

  8. Tina you create beautiful items, will be checking your store next week. Congrats go to Jo. Love your cute acorns.

  9. Congrats to Jo! Lovin' those adorable acorns:@)

  10. Cheers to Jo and her gorgeous bird win!! How I wish I had acorns in my backyard. I always have to get my sister to bring some back when sheès down east. The ones you have created are so cute!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those little acorns!! Those are too adorable!! You are so creative and so talented my friend!! Hugs!

  12. That is a darling bird towel Tina! I also love your basket and berry photo. Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! ~Ann


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