October 5, 2012

Give Away and Some News

I have been horrible about the giveaways for 2012.
My sewing room and storage area have been 
in a bad state of the wonkies for the past year.
Who am I kidding?
It's like a black hole upstairs!
I've made a ton of progress, but there's still much to be done.
I'm itching to get back up there and embroider some beautiful things.

That's delayed the Etsy store, too.
I think I've decided to sell directly from the blog when I transition to my own website.
Until then, I'll have a For Sale page up soon and will send out
a short newsletter telling you about what will be available.

Subscribers will get first pick and can reserve items seen in the mail out.

So make sure you sign up, as you know that my subscriber list was erased
by the eggheads that never respond at Feedburner.

Now on to the fun stuff.
I'm about to make it up to you, my dahlinks!

My regular readers know that I have an obsessive love of vintage linens.
Aprons, fabrics, table linens, baby clothes, pillowcases, etc.

But, I also have a plethora of items intended for sale that have no shop to sit in yet.
Poor things need some lovin' in a new home.

You know that I always throw in something personalized and very specific to the winner's taste.
That's the most enjoyable part for me.

This giveaway is a doozie, sponsored my me and only me.
Look at it as a gift to you alarmingly talented and good looking folks
that have embraced me, challenged me and encouraged me this past year.
I joke a lot, but I adore you all.

I thought it would be fun to have five categories to choose from...
I think I've got you all covered. ;)
I'm going to have loads of fun discovering if you choose the way I think you will!

Let's have some fun before the madness of the holiday rush hits.
Combo Deal picks two categories.  Please specify.

Winner will be randomly chosen on next Friday,
October 12th.

Second entry allowed for those who follow here and on Pinterest.
Just let me know in your comments.
Without further ado~
On your mark, get set, GO!

Good Luck!



  1. Oh, you KNOW which one I'm gonna pick, don'tcha? ;)
    Booze Hound for 100, Bob! I didn't know you had an Etsy shop? What is the matter with me? Is it under the name "What We Keep"? I LOVE Etsy! I'm going there...Oh, and a good friend of mine has an Etsy shop called BleeckerGirl. She has some fun vintage things...wink...wink... :)

  2. ha ha. i pick booze hound, too. :)

  3. Cute giveaway; faithfully sounds interesting.


  4. and I follow you here on your blog and I just started following you on Pinterest :)


  5. Holy cow, another stitcher! Love it.. I was toying with adding items on my blog too.. I tried Etsy.. just spent more $ than necessary and so I closed it.

    But hey, I think selling right off our blog is a good thing.

    For me.. I'll choose the Holiday Kitchen for 200.00 Alex. (heehee)

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  6. This is so fun! I think I'll go with the Booze Hound. :)

    Of course, I'm a follower.


    P.S. Please stop by...I'm having a Halloween giveaway!

  7. With the cold weather upon us and the upcoming holidays, I think Holiday Kitchens sounds interesting.

    I'm feeling lucky. Four women that work for the same company as me just won the lottery. They will be splitting $400,000!!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway, Tina!

  8. You know me I going with what I know Keep Junkin'. Stay with I love I can't go wrong.

  9. I'm definitely going with Keep Junkin, my friend :)

  10. How generous of you, my friend,to offer a chance to enter your giveaway!
    I think I'd choose the Combo Deal from your menu. I'm intrigued with your offerings! I'm also curious to see what you'll have in your Etsy shop. Enjoy your Day of Rest. xoxo D

  11. I like Faithfully. Maybe it'll remind me to go to mass sometime.

  12. You're truly fabulous! I had no idea that you had an etsy store! By seeing your post, I already know I love your style so I want to see all your goodies! :)
    This is such a unique giveaway!
    And you have two categories that I am torn between, Booze Hound because I love my puppy dogs and Keep Junkin' because I love my thrift store finds! So, Tina at this point all I can say is I'll take the combo deal! My tongue is hanging out and my tail is a wagging!!! LOL

  13. As you know, I stalk you here AND on Pinterest so we've already got that covered!

    I choose Booze Hound for $500 please!

    Holy Ballz, pick me, pick me!!

    Those damned eggheads at Feedburner. Feel my rage FOR you!



  14. Boy, Booze Hound or Keep Junkin'???? Decisions, Decisions....it's a toss up but I would have to stick with my junkin' roots and go with that.

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  15. All of the above.

    Is that an answer? hehehe...

  16. Hi, Tina -
    Hmmm....so many choices, but sign me up for Keep Junkin :) Fingers crossed. Thanks so much!

  17. It's gotta be....faith-full-leeee. (Imagine me singing in a lovely alto voice.)Faithfully. Yep. That's the one for me!

  18. Happily following on Pinterest, too. (We like the same desserts...)


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